Need help protecting your business?

How prepared are you? Do you have assurance that the systems you think are in place are actually in place and working effectively? Do you have confidence in your product quality and the security of your supply chain?

We can help. At Air BP our risk management strategy focuses on both process (low frequency, high severity) and personal (higher frequency and lower severity) safety. 

To do this we develop risk events, examine what could cause these events to occur and identify barriers to prevent them occurring. We also identify the potential consequences for each risk event, putting in place barriers to reduce the consequence if one of these events did ever occur. This provides a structured risk management process that can be applied to your operations, providing the basis for internal assurance.  

We have identified 21 risk events within the aircraft refuelling process, from airport supply to wing-tip delivery. These 21 risk events cover all the risks faced by operations across the globe, the only things that vary are the control barriers and the severity of the potential consequence – depending on surrounding environment and population exposure.   

Speak to us to find out more and have your operations mapped against this process.