Jet fuel

We supply aviation turbine fuels, commonly referred to as jet fuels, to various civil and military specifications at around 600 locations in over 45 countries.

For many locations this will be Jet A-1, which conforms to the latest version of the Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems (AFQRJOS).  AFQRJOS comprises the most stringent requirements of the Defence Standard 91/91 and ASTM D-1655 specifications. 

We also supply Jet A conforming to ASTM D-1655 in the US and other specifications of jet fuel, for example TS-1, to other markets. 

Jet fuels are specialised products that are manufactured according to very tightly controlled specifications. Almost all jet fuels are derived from crude oil in refineries so whichever grade (or specification) of jet fuel you require, they are all produced in much the same way.  Click here for information on how jet fuels are produced.