My online invoices currently have a “COPY” watermark. Will this still be the case when I no longer receive paper invoices?

Once your invoices are fully electronic they will be the originals and will no longer have the “COPY” watermark on them. The exceptions to this are Australian and New Zealand invoices which will still have a "COPY" watermark - in this case the electronic invoice is accepted by local tax authorities as the original.

Will I stop receiving paper invoices altogether?

Some of the countries we operate in still require paper invoicing for tax reasons. This applies to supply sales in Brazil, Georgia, Greece, Turkey, Albania & Namibia. In the case of invoices from these countries a paper copy will be sent and the online image will say "COPY".

For supply sales in Costa Rica, Poland and India invoices will not appear on eNabler and will be sent by post.

I want to print my invoices but its very time consuming doing this one by one. Is there an alternative?

Yes. The “merge invoices” functionality in eNabler allows you to receive a pdf file with a number of invoices which can be downloaded and printed. To register for this go to your Profile page on eNabler and tick the merge invoices box. You will receive an e mail with a link to the file when it is produced. Please note each merge file is only available to download for a period of 14 days after it has been produced. Individual invoice images are stored for 15 years and available to download at any time.

How will I know that my invoices are available online?

If you have chosen the merge option then you will only receive the email when the images within that bundle are available to download. However individual images are generally available the morning the invoices are produced. You will be notified when individual invoices are available. Your Profile has been setup by default for you to receive these notifications automatically.

How will I know when payments are due?

You need to ensure that the payment due notification option is selected on your profile tab and you have chosen a time line to be emailed on, for example 3 or 4 days before invoices become due, that way you will automatically receive an email to advise you each time invoices on your account or accounts are becoming due for payment. Please note this has been setup by default for you to be notified 4 days before payment is due but can be changed by yourself.

I want to talk to someone on the phone. Can I still do this?

Yes. You should still continue to talk to your usual Air BP contact.

Where do I go for help if I have a problem with eNabler?

If you have any queries or concerns please e-mail us directly using the address below or by selecting the Contact Us link in eNabler, or you can contact your usual Air BP contact.


Does Air BP eNabler meet local tax regulations for electronic invoicing?

Air BP has sought expert tax advice and has met the requirements advised, however if you have any doubts please make your own tax consultation.

My tax department says they need a "qualified digital signature" – Does eNabler provide this?

Yes - Where a qualified digital signature is required for tax reasons we are providing this. This requirement is by country of supply. For all other countries a digital signature is provided.

My tax department says that invoices must be stored in the EU. Does eNabler provide this storage?

Where EU storage is required for tax reasons we are providing this. Please contact your Air BP representative if the tax authorities need access to these invoices.
For further information e-mail: airbpenabler@bp.com