Moving to myinvoice

Are you moving to myinvoice from our old online invoicing system ‘eNabler’?

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Moving over to myinvoice? Take a look at this short animation of why we’re changing and what to expect from the new system.

In addition to a more user-friendly interface, myinvoice is a more reliable and
more secure system than eNabler.

You’ll also notice a few differences:
  • you have a new username and password
  • you can now view invoices from all of your accounts in one screen
  • you have the ability to export data from key screens directly into excel rather than using a dedicated reports tab
  • the search function has been simplified
  • QuickView links now have an extra level of security requiring you to log in to see your invoice.
The majority of invoices have been automatically transferred from eNabler to
myinvoice for your convenience. This includes, as a minimum, all of your invoices
for the last six months which will build over time to two years. Any other invoices you require will be supplied on request.