The benefits to you

Which aspects are important to you? See how myinvoice makes invoicing easier.

Easily access new invoices

  • Receive an email to say your invoice information is now online.
  • Receive a QuickView email with a direct link to each invoice image.
  • Merge large numbers of copy invoices into one bundle.

See what is due and when

  • View your account balance and total exposure.
  • Receive email reminders when payments are due.
  • View uninvoiced deliveries.
  • View all open (unpaid) invoices in one convenient place, displayed by due date order. This allows you to easily see how much you need to pay, or how much will be collected if paying by direct debit.

Query an invoice

  • Raise an invoice query online quickly and easily
  • Track your query through to resolution

Get specific detail on your purchases

  • Search paid and unpaid invoices by date
  • Search for a specific invoice by invoice number or delivery number
  • See more detail on each invoice from within your search results
  • Download content from key screens in excel format.

View details of deliveries made

  • Click the ‘uninvoiced deliveries’ tab to view details of all deliveries made that are on Air BP’s accounting system that have not yet been invoiced.
  • View a total of these uninvoiced values on the ‘accounts summary’ tab.

Have more than one user

  • Have as many users as you wish on the system
  • Tailor preferences such as email alerts and languages to each individual.

Access your invoices from anywhere

  • Securely log in from anywhere in the world with access to the internet
  • Access information 24/7.

Finding stored invoices

  • View a minimum of two years of historic invoices within myinvoice. Note: At launch, a minimum of six months will be available, which will build over time to two years.
  • Other historic invoices (up to 15 years) are available upon request.