We are proud to be fuelling air ambulance charities

Supporting the UK’s emergency services is something we are immensely proud to be doing. And in April we celebrated six months since our most recent emergency services contract signing with the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC).

Since October 2018 we’ve been providing Jet A-1 fuelling services for GWAAC’s Airbus EC135 at its Almondsbury, South Gloucester base in the UK. The charity provides critical care and an air ambulance service for 2.1 million people across Bristol, Bath, North and North East Somerset and Gloucestershire.

Our contract to supply GWAAC builds on the strength of our successful five-year relationship with the National Police Air Service (NPAS), which is co-located with GWAAC at its South Gloucestershire base. It also complements our other air ambulance charity customers including Wales Air Ambulance Charity (WAAC) and Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA).

Russell Halley, Air BP’s general aviation regional sales manager, UK, comments:

“We’ve had a great start supplying GWAAC and are immensely proud to be supporting them, along with all our air ambulance customers. By providing safe and reliable fuelling services we are supporting the charities to go about their work providing life-saving, rapid response emergency services to millions of people.”