We support Victor’s carbon offset programme

Along with BP Target Neutral, we are proud to have teamed up with private jet charter company Victor to launch its carbon offset programme in Europe.

The aim? To put Victor and participating aircraft operators ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting important industry deadlines around aviation’s reduced environmental impact. It is also the first major step towards Victor’s ambitious target of using 100% carbon neutral fuel for flights in 2020.

Reception of the programme has already been fantastic. After a trial last year, over half of Victor and Air BP’s 20 biggest operator customers have already signed up to the initiative. The results are impressive too – the volume of charter booked through Victor’s platform by operators signed up to the carbon offset programme has grown by 46% year-on-year versus standard operator bookings.

The programme has been designed to make offsetting carbon as easy as possible. Eligible flights are flagged on Victor’s digital marketplace and create a record of carbon credits added to a digital flight log that customers can access on a quarterly basis. These credits come at no extra cost to Victor customers and guarantee carbon emissions for the fuel used on eligible flights are offset through investment in eight global BP Target Neutral carbon reduction projects around the world.