We team with Red Bull Air Race… again!

Working with the Red Bull Air Race (RBAR) was definitely one of our 2017 highlights. We must have done a good job – they liked our work so much we are now their official fuel and carbon reduction partner for the next three years!

By providing high-quality fuel for Red Bull Air Race’s cutting-edge raceplanes, we will make sure the pilots stay safe while finding their optimal engine settings – but our work is certainly not limited to the race track…

We have already given the Red Bull Air Race team ideas on better ways to test fuel for additives to make sure teams are abiding by the rules. We also sent a team of auditors to examine RBAR’s refuelling process to help improve safety and efficiency.

“Like us, the people at Air BP are very motivated, and I think they have found in the Red Bull Air Race partnership an extra push to develop farther. We learn from each other, and we are looking toward tomorrow and what we can achieve in the years ahead.”
Peggy Walentin, Flight Operations Manager of the RBAR

We are already on to the second race of the season, which will take place in Cannes from 21-22 April. To follow the action, head to the Red Bull Air Race site or follow their social channels. We will also be keeping you up-to-date on the latest news!