Air BP’s technician gets to work at RAF Museum

As mentioned in our April issue, we are sponsoring the role of collections care technician (CCT) at the Royal Air Force Museum in London. Our CCT has been super busy in his role helping upkeep the RAF’s heritage collection of over 100 aircraft from WWI and WWII.

Over the past few months, he has been conducting radiation protection checks on the Bristol Beaufighter, removed engine cowlings on the De Havilland Mosquito with a view to assessment and method of removing the engines and hosted a Vulcan open cockpit event to members of the public, which was very well received. He has also completed a course on the management of firearms collections as well as a workshop on replica exhibits and how to display them. Next up, he will be working with RAF Marham on the method for retracting and displaying Panavia Tornado. 

The sponsorship is a vitally important contribution for the RAF Museum and takes on even greater emphasis next year as the London site undergoes a major transformation coinciding with the centenary of the Royal Air Force.

Elena Melia, general manager, Air BP UK and France, adds:

"We recognise the importance of the CCT role at the RAF Museum and we are pleased to be supporting the Centenary programme. BP’s education programme in the UK is all about inspiring young people to gain a better understanding of how important the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) are for our industry and for their futures. Sponsoring aviation roles like this one and our Sterling Pilot PPL (Private Pilot’s Licence) scholarships demonstrates how Air BP is bringing this education agenda to life in the aviation industry."