Attending the World Cup this summer?

Pulkovo Airport (LED/ ULLI) in Saint Petersburg.

If you’re attending the 21st FIFA World Cup this summer in Russia from 14 June to 15 July you need to be aware of a few important details prior to refuelling.

You will need to provide a preliminary application for refuelling at all airports at least three days (72 hours) in advance. This is necessary to prepare for preliminary wiring prior to refuelling your aircraft. In addition, at Vnukovo Airport and Pulkovo Airport, you also need to tell us which apron you will be using for your arrival/departure.

This year will be the first time the world’s largest country has hosted the World Cup and the first time it has ever been held in Eastern Europe.

Matches are scheduled for 12 football stadiums in 11 cities across Russia. Our network covers seven of the airport locations serving these cities and we’re looking forward to welcoming you at: Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO/ UUEE), Vnukovo Airport (VKO/ UUWW) and Domodedovo Airport (DME/ UUDD) all in Moscow, Koltsovo Airport (SVX/ USSS) in Ekaterinburg, Pashkovsky Airport (KRR/ URKK) in Krasnodar, Adler Airport (AER/ URSS) in Sochi and Pulkovo Airport (LED/ ULLI) in Saint Petersburg.

We’d also like to remind you that domestic flights in Russia are subject to 18% VAT, while flights from Russia to other countries have 0% VAT if there is a preliminary application.

Adler Airport (AER/ URSS) in Sochi.