Marking a major milestone at Tirana Airport

To coincide with our 25th anniversary celebrations at Tirana International Airport (TIA/ LATI) in Albania, we’re delighted to have installed our Airfield Automation technology at this location.

Tirana is one of the first locations in our network where we will go live with Airfield Automation, having successfully tested it at the airport in pilot mode. The cloud-based platform, which consolidates data related to airport fuelling operations and works via an app on a handheld device in the fuelling vehicles, has been designed for airports and operators like you to help prevent misfuelling.

Since adding Tirana to our network in 1993 we have marked a number of achievements, including extending our storage capacity and our fleet of refuelling vehicles and road bridgers to satisfy increasing jet fuel demand at the airport. In 1998 Tirana was awarded Air BP’s Operational Excellence Award for the ‘Best managed site’, and in 2011 it also received Air BP’s Operational Excellence Award as a ‘New fuel farm.’ 

Meanwhile 2013 marked 1.5 million hours worked incident free at the transportation hub. And in 2016 the President of the Republic of Albania awarded BP ‘Special Civil Merits’, in recognition of its high standards of service offered over the last 20 years and its contribution to the social and economic development of Albania and the Balkans.

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Tirana fuel farm.