Meet Linda Tamés, Air BP’s key account manager for general aviation based in Madrid. She has worked for Air BP for five years.

Tell us a little about your role?

I am part of Air BP’s commercial team and my role is to lead Air BP’s general aviation business, relationship and strategy with our key customers globally. I aim to deliver high performance for both Air BP and our customers, ensuring sustainable growth, profitability and long term contracts, while providing the safest and most reliable service. It’s a great role to have thanks to the global and long term vision of our general aviation business. 

Tell us about your day to day responsibilities. What does a key account manager do?

My day to day activity is mainly focused on our key customers, maintaining strong relationships with them as well as with key stakeholders internally. My role requires coordination with diverse Air BP teams, so I always try to promote an ethos of teamwork, networking and sharing of knowledge. One of the best parts of my role is interacting with multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural teams globally. In general aviation we are like a family, we work very closely as a team to build a best in class offer for our customers. I also work very closely with the Technical and Operations and Product Quality teams. This part of my role can be challenging but I learn something new every day and it’s very gratifying. All my work is focused on delivering our customers’ needs and building a strong, long term relationships, based on confidence and the aim to grow together.

Please provide some facts about the area you cover:

Personally, I cover two areas. The first is business aviation working with companies that operate worldwide. The largest customer I work with flies to 5,000 airports in over 120 countries, so the complexity and service level requirements are huge. These companies operate similar to the Commercial Airlines during the proposal preparation, but they deeply value our specific general aviation dedicated service in a number of airports worldwide. We also provide them with a Sterling Card in every single aircraft to give them the peace of mind and the capability to get the highest level of service on any ad-hoc flight wherever it is accepted.

The second area I cover is related to helicopter corporations. These are huge organisations that operate across all continents, in both oil and gas and search and rescue activities. The level of technical expertise required is enormous and Air BP is a clear leader globally. We’ve been building strong, long term relationships in the UK and recently expanded to Scandinavia. We hope we will expand to other countries in the near future too. Our strong relationships, dedicated account management, technical expertise, innovation, tailored offers and services are essential in this segment. 

Have you any anecdotes/stories to share about why your customers like working with Air BP?

We have quite a few, but one that really makes me feel proud of our company and teamwork ethos happened a few months ago. We gained a great contract with a fixed base operator (FBO) in Scotland, despite our economic proposal being higher than the competition. The customer decided to choose Air BP because of our technical solutions and high operating standards, the strong relationship we had built with them and the professional way in which we operate. 

Are there any exciting developments coming in your area?

Yes, there are several coming soon, but the most exciting, innovative and challenging is a new project that we are developing jointly with the technical team for the helicopter segment. This project will help us to innovate, lead and grow the business, delivering great benefits to our customers globally. It will also help us to work more closely with the world’s top helicopter corporations and enhance our current relationships.

What makes you proud to work for Air BP?

Our values are not a just a slogan, they are a reality that can be seen in the day to day work that we do. Air BP also provides us with the capabilities to innovate and develop new opportunities and initiatives. That’s what makes me proud.

Tell us a little about yourself (hobbies, interests, passions etc)

I am passionate about nature and enjoy outdoor activities like trekking, sailing, skiing and all water sports. I love having fun with my children as well as travelling, dancing, all kinds of music, cooking for my friends, going to the cinema, classical music concerts and going to the opera.