Meet Paul Dubenski

Meet Paul Dubenski, Global Joint Venture Manager and Business Lead, Airfield Automation Project based at our headquarters in Sunbury. Paul has worked for Air BP for 28 years.

Tell us a little bit about your role?

I currently have two main roles. As Business Lead for the Air BP Airfield Automation (AA) Project, I am responsible for establishing business requirements and priorities for the project team. As Global Joint Venture (JV) Manager I am responsible for developing and maintaining our standards for Assurance and Governance of JVs, which provides our JV Directors and Representatives with guidance on the mandatory and recommended practices for managing risk and value in Air BP’s JVs.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

As Business Lead for the AA Project, my two primary objectives are to provide an engineering barrier to reduce the risk of misfuelling aircraft and to allow real time data capture of fuelling Delivery Receipts. These reduce the operational risk, invoicing errors and the working capital in our business. This is one of Air BP’s first ‘digital’ projects involving an app and is very technically ambitious. Getting this all to work seamlessly together has been a huge challenge, but that’s all part of being a business that ‘dares to innovate’.

As Global JV Manager, I help ensure that our directors are aware of the risks they manage with their JV Boards and how these risks can be minimised and mitigated.

What is Air BP doing to improve misfuelling prevention at airports?

Misfuelling aircraft is a major accident risk and every year we complete more than one million overwing fuellings. The AA system helps our operators by automatically checking they have confirmed the aircraft fuel grade matches the fuelling vehicle fuel grade before permitting them to proceed with the overwing fuelling. This, along with additional layers of protection provided by automatically checking the fuel grade on a Sterling Card and the fuel grade previously delivered to the specific aircraft, greatly helps our operators reduce the risk of misfuelling due to human error.

When will the new misfuelling app be rolled out and where?

The AA system has been on trial at Norwich Airport since June 2016. Our Norwich team and operators from over 40 airports worldwide have really helped us improve the usability and reliability of the system. We are now getting ready to roll it out to over 300 sites globally starting with Cyprus in September, Portugal in October and the UK and Australia following shortly after. We will then rollout to other countries, hopefully all within two years.

Are there any other exciting developments coming in your area?

Yes. We will soon start seeing many of our current IT projects start to link up using common data sources. This will greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of our existing processes. But more excitingly, it will allow our customers, airports, back office and marketing teams to access data and collaborate in new ways to allow Air BP to make uniquely valuable offers to our customers and continue to grow our business.

What makes you proud to work for Air BP?

Air BP is a global business but we’re essentially doing the same thing all around the world with various teams relying on each other to look after the safety, reliability and service level of customers we know and value. Being able to call someone in Air BP, anywhere in the world, and know they will either be able to help you with your problem or point you to someone that can has always been a notable feature of Air BP people and how we work as a team – I am proud to be part of that.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Outside of work I confess to being a sports fan. I’m an active member of my local hockey club where I play and umpire league games weekly and organise umpires for our five men’s and four women’s teams. I ski and occasionally go diving. I also really like travel and photography – I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel, see different countries, experience a variety of cultures and work with a lot of great people as part of my job with Air BP.