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  • Meet Gethin Jones, Air BP’s global technical services and HSSE manager based in Sunbury, UK. He has worked for Air BP for 18 years.

Meet Gethin Jones, Air BP’s global technical services and HSSE manager based in Sunbury, UK. He has worked for Air BP for 18 years.

Tell us a little about your role?

My role is primarily to commercialise Air BP’s technical capability. I am also the insurance contact for Air BP, advising the business on indemnities and liabilities. The third hat I wear is within our central health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) team, where I work on HSSE compliance, safety leadership, human factors and crisis management.

Tell us about your day to day responsibilities.

My role is very varied and there is no typical day, but I spend a lot of time developing, reviewing and writing technical services offers for customers. I manage the relationship with our insurance broker and underwriters, so I’m regularly engaged in conversation looking for solutions to contractual liability and insurance issues across the company.

What recent factors have caused the greatest changes in the way Air BP views HSSE?

For BP and the wider industry, we have seen a change in focus from managing low-impact high frequency events, such as personal injuries, to high-impact low frequency events, such as large process failures. We continually challenge ourselves to improve our safety performance and we are really focussing in on the human factors and human resilience components of our operations.

How do you ensure that employees report all incidents?

It is about creating a system that works, where the operators can see the benefit of their input. We encourage all employees to report incidents and we even run recognition schemes for it. It’s about demonstrating that reporting is a force for good – we want to capture all incidents, near misses, unsafe acts and unsafe conditions. A good reporting system allows you to enhance your management system before you have an incident. It comes from the hard work of our leadership teams across the business who are motivating staff, leading by example and feeding back to ensure the process works.

Why do you think our customers choose Air BP for their technical services?

We have a large range of services on offer and we are good at what we do. We are also fortunate to have a lot of competent people in the team, many of whom offer local language skills. Crucially though, we listen to our customers and tailor a solution based on their needs. We deliver what we promise and customers like our professional and honest style.

Are there any exciting developments coming in your area?

Yes plenty. There are some exciting offers on the table at the moment that I hope will come to fruition. A major event this year is the technical services conference we are hosting in September. We have over 55 customers from over 30 different countries attending the three-day event in Sunbury. I’m confident this will be the best technical services conference we have ever hosted.

What makes you proud to work for Air BP?

It’s the people that make it special. It’s their passion and desire to push Air BP onwards, to challenge each other and give that extra ounce of effort to make the company succeed – it’s infectious. I can particularly cite the many examples of people diligently doing their work to high standards at remote locations, in small offices or at home, not because someone is watching but because they truly want to.

Tell us a little about yourself (hobbies, interests, passions etc.)

I’m a big welsh rugby fan and I travel to watch the team play as much as I can. Since I’ve stopped playing the sport myself, I have revisited my passion for singing and love being part of the London Welsh Rugby Club Choir. I also keep hens, much to the delight of many colleagues who have enjoyed their eggs over the years! However, my biggest passion has to be my family – I’m very proud of my three little girls Ffion, Rhiannon and Elin.