New Sterling Card location – from Krasnoyarsk with love

We’re delighted to have added Krasnoyarsk International Airport (KJA/ UNKL) in southern Russia to our Sterling Card network. This new addition means you can now use your Sterling Card in nine airports throughout Russia.

Krasnoyarsk (formerly known as Yemelyanovo) is the country’s 14th biggest airport in terms of passenger traffic. It was recently given a very modern makeover and now features a dedicated terminal for general aviation passengers. Check-in is fast and easy and the airport navigation system is configured in Russian, English and Chinese to cater for the growth in international traffic. The airport is situated 27km from Krasnoyarsk city centre.

Thanks to its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Krasnoyarsk is awash with cultural and leisure activities. Winter Universiade 2019 – which will attract more than 3,000 young sportsmen and women and in excess of 17,000 spectators – will be held in Krasnoyarsk from 2-12 March 2019. 

TS-1, the Russian specification for jet fuel, is available at this airport. If you’re more familiar with the Jet-A or Jet-A1 specifications, the good news is that TS-1 can be used interchangeably with both these specifications. 

Please note that you will need to complete a fuel release request at least three days (72 hours) in advance. It’s quick and easy to do either using our fuel release request form or by placing your order on RocketRoute MarketPlace. 

As Sterling Cards aren’t accepted on the ground at these airports, it’s also essential that you complete a fuel release in advance to ensure that you can land and be fuelled on account. 

We’d also like to remind you that domestic flights in Russia are subject to 18% VAT, while flights from Russia to other countries have 0% VAT if a preliminary application for fuel has been made at least 72 hours in advance.