New permits required for MOT exemptions in Austria

If you qualify for an exemption from mineral oil tax (MOT) in Austria, you now need a permit issued by Austro Control to benefit from this exemption when you re-fuel in the country.

When you have completed the relevant form, please send a paper copy either to the customs office in the area which your company or airline is established (this applies to Austrian customers only). Non-Austrian customers must send a paper copy to: Zollamt Eisenstadt Flughafen Wien, Office Park 1, Bauteil 2, 7. OG, 1300 Wien-Flughafen.

You will then receive an approved permit, or 'Bescheid', from the Customs Authority. This needs to be shown to our refuellers so that the MOT is not charged. If you fly regularly to our Austrian locations, we can keep a copy of your permit on record at our locations. If this applies to you, all you need to do is send a copy of your permit to your account manager, who will pass it to our Austrian location manager.

Please also be aware that as part of these changes Air BP can no longer process MOT refunds.  If MOT has been charged in error, refunds will need to be requested directly from the Customs Authority.