Offset your carbon in the USA today!

Looking for an easy way to achieve your lower carbon goals? We have teamed up with Signature Flight Support to give you, our Sterling Card holders, the chance to offset the carbon associated with your fuel at no additional cost! 

All you need to do is fly to one of Signature’s 110+ locations in the USA where Sterling Cards are accepted. If you purchase fuel using your Sterling Card, your fuel will be automatically offset.

We have now celebrated the first carbon neutral fuelling under the partnership, which was carried out for an aircraft owned by Volkswagen Air Service at Signature’s McCarren International Airport (LAS/KLAS) facility in Las Vegas.

How does it work? The offsetting is undertaken by BP Target Neutral, BP’s voluntary carbon offsetting programme. This means that emissions generated by the gallons you purchase with your Sterling Card are balanced by a carbon reduction credit and confirmed via a certificate provided to you by your Air BP account holder.  

To find out which Signature locations in the USA accept our Sterling Card, click here.