Refuelling in mainland China?

We make it easy. Through our two joint venture (JV) partners we cover 23 airports in mainland China and work with local suppliers at five additional airports.

All locations in our network globally meet our high standards, and these 28 are no exception. In fact both joint ventures have been recognised for their operational excellence.

There are no duties or taxes on either domestic or international flights in China to consider and pricing including details of our fuelling service fee can be found on RocketRoute MarketPlace.

All you need to remember is to request a fuel release at least 24 hours in advance. You can do this here or again by placing an order on RocketRoute MarketPlace.

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Bluesky joint venture this year we look forward to fuelling you at one of our many network locations.

Full details of all locations can be found here.