RocketRoute’s MarketPlace is about more than just fuel

As you know RocketRoute MarketPlace is a quick and easy way to order fuel directly from Air BP, by checking prices and managing all your orders easily via the MarketPlace app. You can access the platform on the web or download it to your mobile device.

MarketPlace connects you with 42,000 airports and more than 35,000 service providers around the world. So, you can also request fuel, ground handling, transportation, catering, permits, security briefings and even aircraft cleaning all on one MarketPlace platform, with zero commission.

We are delighted that during these last 12 months the MarketPlace has proved to be an interactive way for pilots and aircraft operators to efficiently view and order their Air BP fuel. We are also proud to be able to offer Air BP customers an equally efficient and interactive experience for ordering other services they need for their trips
Steve Woods, vice-president of RocketRoute MarketPlace

Not yet familiar with RocketRoute MarketPlace? To find out more, including how to sign up for free to use the service, watch our video on ‘how to order fuel and handling with MarketPlace.