The Red Bull Air Race returns to Austria

Kazan in Russia pictured above

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship returns to its Austrian roots this month with round six of the Championship taking place in Wiener Neustadt from 15-16 September.

August marked the end of the summer break for Red Bull Air Race pilots as they returned to Kazan in Russia for the second half of the season. Congratulations to former World Champion Matthias Dolderer of Germany, who took the win. This month’s event in Wiener Neustadt celebrates 15 years since the Red Bull Air Race series began in Austria. With just three races left in the season, it will see 14 of the world’s best pilots make their late-season bids for the official World Championship.

Vienna International Airport (VIE/ LOWW) is a great base to fly in and out of if you’re planning on watching the Red Bull Air Race this month. Located just 63km from Wiener Neustadt and 17km from Vienna’s city centre, it’s open 24 hours and Jet A-1 is available. For full details on this location click here.