Welcome to our network, Ioannina

We have begun fuel service operations at ‘King Pyrrhus’ International Airport (IOA/LGIO) in Ioannina, one of Northern Greece’s most atmospheric cities.

Ioannina, the capital of the Epirus region, is set on the western shore of the spellbinding Lake Pamvotis and framed by an impressive mountain range. It’s primary attraction? The inhabited island of Lake Pamvotis – the ‘Island of Ioannina’ – just a short ferry or motorboat ride from the mainland. Visitors can also explore Kastro, Ioannina’s tranquil old quarter, complete with a fantastic fortress.

One of the best things about this relatively unknown gem is that the airport is a mere 4 kilometres from Ioannina’s main town. It offers great facilities for general aviation customers and can be used as an alternative entry point to Western or Northern Greece instead of Corfu (CFU/LGKR) or Thessaloniki (SKG/LGTS). You can use your Sterling Card, or order in advance through RocketRoute MarketPlace app. Orders through MarketPlace can be allocated to your Sterling Card or credit card. 

To find out more about King Pyrrhus International Airport and its facilities, click here or contact your account manager.