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  • Meet Célia Chaissé Paúa, Air BP’s Site Manager, based at our location at Maputo International Airport (MPM/FQMA) in Mozambique

Meet Célia Chaissé Paúa, Air BP’s Site Manager, based at our location at Maputo International Airport (MPM/FQMA) in Mozambique

Tell us about your role

I am responsible for all the aviation operations at Maputo International Airport, the largest airport in Mozambique. I am very proud to lead a fantastic team of ten skilled staff with individual experience ranging from 25 to 35 years. We run a 24 hour seven days a week operation refuelling on average 15 aircraft per day ranging from Boeing 777s to Embraer 145 regional jets.

Tell us about your day to day responsibilities

My day to day responsibilities are focused first and foremost on making sure that all our operations are safe, compliant and reliable. That includes ensuring that our equipment such as fuelling vehicles, hoses, fuel tanks, filter monitors are maintained, processes and procedures are strictly followed and people are fully trained. It is a priority that my customers are serviced efficiently and any concerns they may have are addressed. I take an active participation in monthly airport safety meetings and am keen that Air BP’s values of safety, respect, excellence, courage and one team shine through in our customers’ experience of us. This sets us apart from our competition and means that customers notice and value us.

Tell us some more about the airport

Maputo, located at the South of Mozambique, is the capital city and the country’s business centre. We have welcomed a wide range of customers to our location from all over the world including general aviation, commercial and military customers. Typically, business people land here when they visit Mozambique as it’s the capital city and main point of entry for the commercial airlines. Since the discovery of oil and gas here, heavy sand mines, coal mines and aluminium, we have seen a large influx of investors come to Maputo to invest in such industries.

What’s happening in aviation in your part of the world that is exciting?

Business aviation is exploding in Mozambique! The market looks as if it will open up for private aviation companies for domestic flights which is a good thing. There is an openness in Mozambique with local companies willing to work in partnership with others. Again, this is good news for business.

What do you think are Air BP’s strengths in Mozambique?

Air BP offers a safe, reliable, compliant and high quality service and our customers and stakeholders regularly tell us that. Air BP is always willing to offer technical support and assistance. Air BP works closely with the Airport Authority to enhance aspects of safety and we are active members of the Airport Safety Committee. We are pleased to share our know how amongst the team.

What makes you proud to work for Air BP?

I am extremely proud to work for Air BP owing to the way we are all treated, the diversity and inclusion and above all the fact that we are always learning. Air BP is continually innovating and everybody is prepared to get behind it. We are given the tools and the equipment and we are trained how to use them and, supported by our processes and procedures it enables us to deliver a safe, compliant and reliable operation.