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  • Meet Elida Cavic, Air BP’s Central Med Business Development & Location Manager, based at our location in Vienna

Meet Elida Cavic, Air BP’s Central Med Business Development & Location Manager, based at our location in Vienna

Tell us a little about your role

I have a very diverse role where every day is different which I love. As a Location Manager my role is to optimize the efficiency of our business activities and create sustainability across the airport locations in my region and as Business Development Manager, I look into potential new locations and explore partnerships. I also support projects and special initiatives. One exciting project we are involved in at the moment is our sponsorship of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship where Air BP is the fuel supplier and carbon reduction partner. I can’t wait for the weekend of 1-2nd July when it comes to Budapest!

How long have you worked for Air BP?

I have worked for BP since 2008 and for Air BP since 2013.

Which countries are you responsible for?

I am responsible for those countries where we currently operate either exclusively or via partnerships including Albania, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Hungary.

Tell us a little about your working week?

I spend about half of my time travelling to meet customers, stakeholders and business partners. The rest of the time I spend speaking to my colleagues around the world to help our customers resolve any queries as well as replying to tenders and arranging any special requests. This week I will be in Bucharest, Romania to see our new airport location, Baneasa (BBU/LRBS) which is Bucharest’s city airport. I will work with the team to enhance our customer service and further promote our presence at the airport. My GA customers range from business jet operators to firefighting services and aerial work operators from countries including Bulgaria, Serbia and Malta. I am very passionate about the GA business as my previous role was with the GA marketing team.

What’s happening in aviation in your part of the world that is exciting?

The countries are facing a lot of change at the moment. Some have joined the European Union recently or are planning to. There is a growth trend across the entire region and this brings many opportunities. There is some resistance to change though as it brings with it uncertainty. It is important that we work with our partners and help them manage this change. Thanks to our international experience at more than 800 locations globally over more than 90 years, we have a breadth of knowledge to share.

What makes you proud to work for Air BP?

It’s a great team of people who care about the way we do business and where we operate. We are genuinely interested in our customers and ensure that things are done with care and without adversely affecting people or the environment. The Air BP team are great ambassadors of our core values and motivating to work with too. I respect and have trust in our leadership team and go to work every morning really looking forward to what the day will bring.

Tell us a little about yourself

I love to travel. I take every opportunity I have to travel and explore new countries, cultures and languages. I have a passion for languages and would love to learn the language of every country I visit to be able to really get close to the people and experience the local way of life. Whenever I am in Vienna I try to dedicate time to my family, friends and to soul cycle – my newest passion, a high intensity workout on a spinning bike with loud music and a disco ball!