Meet Neil McGuinness our Global Offer Development Manager based at our headquarters in Sunbury. Neil has worked for Air BP for 18 months.

Tell us a little about your role:

It’s best to describe it in terms of differentiation. In other words, what makes our offers different and so more relevant to our customers? Currently, I cover the global sponsorship of the Red Bull Air Races and also Air BP’s lower carbon solutions.

Tell us about your day to day responsibilities:

My main responsibility is to support the sales teams. That might be in developing and presenting an environmental solutions offer to a customer, or mapping a customer’s organisation to see how we can deepen our relationship with them. Ideally we want our customers to value us for our products and our breadth of expertise, making us more than just a fuel supplier.

What are the biggest environmental challenges the aviation industry is facing?

The aviation industry has set itself ambitious carbon reduction goals. And currently it’s on track to meet those goals. The reporting and tracking of carbon reduction across the industry is a challenge in itself. However, there’s a huge willingness to meet the targets, and we’re helping our customers do their bit. Turning this challenge into a value-generating opportunity sets us apart as a leader in this area.

How is Air BP helping customers meet these challenges?

It can be as basic as getting a customer to start thinking about how they can reduce their carbon impact, or it can involve us developing an offer to help reduce a customer’s carbon impact, and also to offset their unavoidable carbon footprint. Some of our GA customers for example, are smaller businesses who don’t have the resources to look at this area, and we can help them achieve it. This ultimately deepens our relationship and hopefully helps us retain our customers.

Any exciting developments for the future you can tell us about? For the industry?

One exciting development is the implementation of CORSIA, the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation – and how we can help our customers to meet the challenges. For Air BP? The future of biojet fuel… watching the developments at Fulcrum Bio Energy, where we announced a strategic investment last November.

What makes you proud to work for Air BP?

The easy answer to this question is “the people” and that of course is true. But it’s also about, for example, being on the apron at Stansted, watching fuellers doing their job safely and professionally, even in the pouring rain…

Tell us a little about yourself (personal side – hobby, interest, passion etc).

I’ve lived in seven countries, so travel is a huge passion of mine. Music, including singing in a choir here in London. And my dog, Mr Darcy!