Editor's notes - Air BP in China

BP is one of the leading foreign investors in the Chinese oil and gas sector. BP’s business activities in China include oil and gas exploration and development, petrochemicals manufacturing and marketing, aviation fuel supply, oil products retailing, lubricants blending and marketing, oil and gas supply and trading, LNG terminal and trunk line operation, chemicals technology licensing, advanced mobilities as well as venturing. Building on its business successes in China, BP has also expanded partnerships with Chinese national energy companies internationally.

  • Established in 1991, Shenzhen Chengyuan Aviation Oil Co., Ltd. is BP’s first aviation joint venture in China. It supplies aviation fuels to Shenzhen airport.
  • Established in 1997, South China Bluesky Aviation Oil Co. Ltd. was formed by BP, China Aviation Oil Supply Corporation Ltd. and Fortune Oil. It supplies aviation fuels to 28 airports in central and southern China.

 Further information about BP China is available on www.bp.com.cn.