General Aviation Operator Foundation Product Quality Training

This is a one day course providing an overview of the aviation fuelling industry for general aviation airfields.

How do airfields integrate operations, maintenance, health and safety, product quality and customer assurance.

Safety is always our top priority. Our goals are to deliver safe, compliant and reliable operations; to get the basics right. In the long term it is the foundation for excellence in our operation.
Neil Frances – UK & Operations Manager for UK & France

Who in your organisation is it for?

  • Anyone responsible for managing fuels quality and aviation fuelling
  • Anyone that would like to broaden their knowledge of aviation fuelling

Why should they attend?

  • To reach compliance with aviation standards for general aviation airfields
  • To achieve a minimum standard of competancy in critical activities
  • To learn industry best practices for fuelling operation

What will they learn?

  • Competency Assurance – an introduction to Air BP Competency Assurance Programme for operators
  • Risk - understand aviation risk
  • HSE - Understand your commitment to our BP group Health and Safety goals – “No Accidents No Harm to People No Damage to the Environment”
  • Product Quality handling – why Product Quality is an absolute priority for Air BP – the grade of aviation fuel must be compliant with product specification and free of contamination
  • Operations – How do the various aviation fuel operations come together in practice – our supply chain, fuel receipt, fuel handling, fuel delivery to aircraft
  • Specialist Activity – Defuel /Rotors Running Fuelling
  • Emergency Response – receive guidance on your role in an emergency including focus on your site plans and operating procedures

How do you book your place?

Please contact your Air BP account manager, or email