Own bulk operations

If you manage your own fuelling facilities, find out how your business could benefit from becoming a supply and card acceptance location.

Click on the relevant elements below to understand how you and your customers could benefit from our product and technical expertise, and our marketing and business support.

If you have any queries or wish to get in touch with your local account holder click here or visit our offices page to find the contact details for your local office.

Product and Technical Expertise - Quality Fuels delivered with care

Comprehensive auditing and management of our supply chain ensures that you consistently receive the highest quality fuel delivered to your site safely and efficiently.

Our strict product quality and handling procedures as well as our presence throughout the supply chain mean that you can be confident in the quality of our fuels.  Our industry leading fuels quality team are available 24/7 to diagnose and resolve any issue that may arise, minimising or eliminating disruption to your business.  This team also shape aviation standards through their participation in industry bodies and ensure any impact on airport or airfield operators is taken into account prior to implementing any changes.

Prior to the first delivery we will carry out a risk assessment to ensure the facilities are operating to the required standards.  If any problems are found, we can work to resolve these.  In addition, we only use delivery contractors that operate to the highest of standards with a proven track record.  Our drivers are experts in the delivery of aviation fuels and are fully trained to deal with any unplanned incidents.

Product and Technical Expertise - Security of supply

When it comes to security of supply, our extensive supply network leaves us best placed to deal with unpredictable demands or unexpected supply disruptions. Ensuring you have the fuel where to need it, when you need it.

Unplanned downtime at a refinery, significant increases in fuel demand due to a localised incident or transport links impacted by weather are just some of the challenges that can be thrown at our supply chain.  However, our network of supply gives us the flexibility to react to such challenges and ensure you are kept supplied with product.

Product and Technical Expertise - Complete operational support

Need support in managing your refuelling operations? Our unique OMEGA package offers complete operational support designed specifically for General Aviation businesses.

When in comes to minimising and managing the risk of your refuelling operations you can rely on our knowledge as industry standard setters in supporting your business.  Our OMEGA package includes the necessary documentation, training and support across all areas of operations and maintenance to cover your specific requirements. 

Product and Technical Expertise - Quality, fit-for-purpose facilities and Equipment

We have an excellent reputation for engineering excellence and can advise on any equipment needed to ensure that your facilities are fit for purpose, easy to operate, compliant, easy to maintain and expand, efficient and built to last.

Depending on your requirements, we can supply or advise on any specific fuelling equipment requirements you may have.  Globally we have significant experience in designing and installing the most appropriate equipment to meet the specific needs of the airport customers.

Business Support - Ease and Flexibility in Order and Delivery

We can deal with inevitable fluctuations in order size and lead times to ensure continuity of supply to your business.

We recognise that General Aviation customers do not have large storage facilities and that factors such as good weather can mean that stocks deplete quickly.  We are also aware that clarity on delivery dates and times is important for the smooth running of your business, as your staff may have numerous roles in addition to fuels management.

Business Support - Dedicated Account Holder

Getting the information and assistance you need, when you need it is vital, that's why we give you a named account holder to assist with any queries you may have.

Your account holder is responsible for ensuring that any queries or questions are resolved as well as identifying and demonstrating any new developments or tools that can help support your business.  They will liaise with the relevant staff to meet your requirements as effectively as possible.

Business Support - Customer management

As a card acceptance location, we will manage customer fuel payments, contracting, and pricing for customers who use their Air BP Sterling card at your airport or FBO.

Operating in over 40 countries, our sales network has relationships with thousands of customers  primarily through our card programme.  This network will promote and secure business at your airport as well as manage all elements of the purchasing process.

Business Support - Invoicing & credit responsibility

Customers have a convenient means of payment whilst you can leave it to us to manage the invoicing and cash collection.

We will regularly provide you with our card stop list.  Any card not on the list can be fuelled without the need for any pre-authorisation or delay.

Simply provide details of the customer transaction, we will pay in full and take responsibility for the credit risk.

Business Support - Manage your account online

Our electronic account management tool, eNabler, gives you a convenient and easy to use way to view invoices and manage your account online.

Using eNabler, you can:
  • Choose the QuickView option to receive an email with a direct link to your invoice
  • Search for your invoices and view invoice details online on our secure site
  • View balance statements including invoiced and uninvoiced deliveries
  • Give access to others to view your invoices

Business Support - Financing

We can, in certain instances, finance expansion, upgrades or improvements to your fuelling facilities.

Again this will depend on your specific situation and requirements. Contact your local account holder for more information.

Marketing support - Card acceptance branding

If you become a card acceptance location you can benefit from a range of branding material to promote your acceptance of the Sterling Card.

We have a range of print and digital materials including leaflets, stickers and posters that can be displayed at your airport to promote your association with one of the world most recognised Aviation fuel brands.

Marketing support - Advertising and promotion

We will promote and advertise new additions to our network to maximise awareness to both existing and potential customers

We use a mix of both digital and print adverts in relevant trade publications.  This is supported by our events, PR and communications via our network of account holders to ensure our target audiences are aware of additions to our network.

Marketing support - On-going customer and prospect communication

Our customer communications give you a range of opportunities to promote your location to thousands of existing or potential customers

You can benefit from a range of marketing initiatives including features in our bi-monthly customer newsletter,  inclusion in our Where to Find location database, promotion via our loyalty scheme, and joint promotional opportunities at events, in publications and online.