JV operators

We have 90 years of experience in providing aviation refuelling operations around the world so we know the challenges you face operating an into-plane refuelling business. We understand the demands, time pressures involved and the details needed to make it a success.

Our technical services agreements can help address your operational, safety, training, product quality, facility, procedural or management concerns – helping you run a safer, more efficient and reliable operation.

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Dedicated account holder

As part of our offer, you will have a dedicated account holder to work with you to agree and deliver a ‘need’s based’ package. Your technical services account holder will act as your main point of contact linking you to our global network of expertise.

Inspections, audits & reviews

We offer a suite of inspections, audits and reviews across a wide range of disciplines. Identifying gaps, developing action plans and benchmarking against the industry and our own policies, standards and procedures.

The operations inspection is our main inspection.  It's conducted against our Airport Depot and Into-plane check list that has been developed over the 85 years we've been operating. A detailed and confidential report, including recommendations, is issued with each inspection.

Examples of other inspections, audits and reviews we conduct, include:
• Pre-airport operations and product quality inspection
• Engineering integrity inspection
• Incident investigation
• HSSE management system audit
• Management system audit
• Documentation review – local design and operating standards and procedures
• Stock accounting and data capture system review

Product quality & operational support

To provide comfort and a helping hand, our experienced team offer expert day to day product quality and operational advice for manufacturing, testing, transportation, storage, and into-plane delivery of aviation fuels.

Product quality - Almost every system on the aircraft has a back-up, aviation fuel is the exception. From the point of manufacture all the way to wing tip, product quality is an essential part of safe aviation operations world-wide.

We are committed to on-spec on-time supply - To achieve this we run a comprehensive product quality assurance system along the whole supply chain and have competent product quality inspectors.

For us, each successful flight represents a job well done. The aircraft has been fuelled safely with the right grade, volume and quality of fuel. It must be right the first time, every time.

We can give you operational support on:

• Provision and operation of equipment to test aviation fuels for quality. Guidance on fuels quality throughout the supply chain, including sampling, testing, documentation and equipment e.g. tanks, sampling systems, pipework, filtration, mobile and fixed plant.
• Developing and maintaining an approved aviation fuel testing laboratory network through a systematic audit programme.
• Implementing an approval process, ensuring equipment is compatible with aviation fuels.
• Incident and emergency support, to help manage a crisis or accident in real time.

Documentation - policies, standards & procedures

We have a wide range of policies, standards and procedures which are updated regularly. We have over 600 standard documents that we operate to. Once you have become an Air BP technical services customer, your relevant documentation is easily accessible online via our customer portal.

Core documentation:
• Air BP regulations – fuelling and quality control.
• Air BP training manual – including 65 task breakdowns.
• Air BP emergency procedures.
• Air BP aircraft fuelling data sheets.
• Air BP operational bulletins and safety flashes.
• All held on our online customer portal

Additional documentation:
• HSSE audit checklist.
• Rail operation risk assessment guide.
• Critical barrier checks.
• Themed safety observation conversation.
• Road contractor HSSE audit guide.
• Engineering and construction specifications.
• Site risk register guide.
• On airport driving competence guide.
• Management of change.
• Safety and operations rules for management.
• Managing driving safety.
• Control of work.
• Introduction to aviation fuels handling.

Technical Training

With a suite of training courses and material on offer, we cover key topics such as HSSE, risk assessment, product quality, and operations.

Our aviation product quality and operations training is targeted at both leadership and site operators to manage risk, drive personal safety and develop competency of staff.

We can deliver on site training at your location as well as off-site training at our own facilities.

Air BP operations training manual:
Developed over our 85 years’ experience in the industry, the operations training manual provides clear standards for the delivery of employee training for staff, from new recruits to established operators. The training manual comes with confirmation training record forms and 65 task breakdowns for operations and maintenance tasks.

Technical workshop:
Our central technical team host a Technical Workshop, covering latest industry developments and allowing customers direct access to our subject matter experts. Tailored workshops create quality time to help customers with key topics. These workshops enable customers to see how Air BP operates its business and manages similar risks to those faced by all members of the industry.

We offer the following types of training:
• Task based operational training for storage, hydrant and into-plane operators
• Train the trainer courses for supervisory staff
• Improving human reliability programme and safety culture assessment. 
• Learning from the past for a safer future
• Ramp safety
• Misfuel prevention
• Airport safety leadership
• Incident investigation training
• Foundation HSSE training on noise, fatigue, hazardous substances, slips trips and falls, and manual handling
• Risk assessment and management
• Stock accounting and stock management protocols
• Inventory management
• Secondment of staff
• Operational site visits for customer employees to Air BP operations or JV sites
• Training for functions such as engineering and operations

Design & build - depots, hydrants & vehicles

Our design, construction and innovation have been at the front line of global aviation growth for over 85 years. We have a team of civil, chemical, electrical & instrumentation and mechanical engineers all supported by our CAD engineers and design office.

Our global team has significant experience working on large projects such as LHR T5 depot and hydrant down to single tank general aviation operations.

Our expertise covers terminals, pipelines, depots, hydrants, vehicles and into-plane equipment.

Air BP’s design office:
Our design office provides aviation fuel storage and distribution facility Conceptual and Front End Engineering Designs (FEED) for projects.

The team have sophisticated vehicle path modelling software to maximise facility design efficiency and minimise vehicle traffic risks. The team produce the suite of operating drawings, including layout drawings, hazardous area drawings, emergency plans, and fuel hydrant operator drawings.

The department designed Heathrow Airport’s complete Terminal 5 fuel hydrant system (conceptually and detailed design) and has been responsible for upgrading and modifying the other LHR fuel hydrants for over 40 years. Design activities have also been carried out on many other projects around the world.

Magnetic filtration - ‘Big Maggie’

We have developed and patented a unique product in response to industry issues with pipeline cleanliness and fuel supply.

‘Big Maggie’ is an in-line magnetic filter that strips out ferrous material within pipelines.

The benefits include:
• Reduction in filter element consumption downstream (e.g. microfilters and
• Reduced environmental footprint (lower used element disposal costs).
• Reduced equipment wear from particulates (e.g. control valves, pumps).
• Reduced tank dirt-sub-micron paramagnetic particles can pass through filter elements, but are removed by Magna-Strain.

Fuelling footprint reduction

We’re taking giant steps to help reduce airport emissions. Within many businesses, and in many countries, there is a push towards implementing and providing environmentally friendly technology.

Whether you’re considering a complete new build airport or simply updating older equipment with environmentally friendly equipment. Your needs may be for tax credits, incentives or simply a need to reduce emissions and a want to do your bit for the planet. We have the ability to deliver carbon neutral projects, builds and operations through our best in class, carbon management programmes, designed to meet your energy and footprint reduction needs.

Many organisations use BP target neutral to reduce their CO2 footprint through a ‘Reduce-Replace-Neutralise’ strategy. 

Here are just a few examples of the benefits:

Stop-start technology - Switches engine off when vehicle is idle – 10% reduction in costs and C02.

Variable speed drivers - Creating efficiency on energy intensive hydrant pumps reduces costs and CO2 production by a third.

Electric powered vehicles - 75% reduction on running costs and 65% less C02.

Management services

We offer a range of management services:

• Develop or review management systems for operating storage, hydrant and into-plane operations
• Facilitate a Business Risk Assessment process to provide operator with a tool for continuously improving risk management of its business. Assessment can include all areas of business risk including: HSSE, financial control, customer service, people management and legal compliance
• Performance management including: benchmarking, KPI's, manpower planning to suit flight schedules and optimise into-plane efficiency, management team performance targets and management.
• Bespoke studies for JV operators. 


If your site meets the minimum standard of ‘Satisfactory’ on the Air BP operations inspection, you can take out aviation liability insurance under a third party pooled insurance program offered by Marsh.

Providing your company meets certain criteria, having an Air BP technical service agreement gives your company access to very competitively priced aviation liability insurance.