Downstream hourly opportunities

Technician, laboratory, engineering and mechanical roles available

To meet the demands of an industry that is always evolving, we are constantly looking to grow our team. BP offers entry-level hourly roles to experienced technicians across a range of expertise and roles.

As one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies, we provide customers with fuel and lubricants for transportation, energy for power, and petrochemicals for plastics and other products.

Our roles

Operators play a vital role in all of our operating facilities, and are critical in ensuring safe and compliant operation of the complex equipment required to turn crude oil into transportation fuels and other products. They monitor temperatures, pressures and levels to maintain values within safe limits, whilst consulting with engineers to maintain on-spec materials and delivery of quality products to our customers.

Mechanical crafts, such as pipefitters, electricians and machinists, play a vital role at all of our operating facilities. They are critical in ensuring repair and maintenance of our complex equipment in a safe and compliant manner. They also build, repair and complete preventative maintenance, ensuring our equipment runs in a dependable and reliable fashion across our operating facilities.

Our values

At BP the work we do has a real, lasting impact on the world around us. We hold our BP values close to our core, using them to guide the responsible actions we take that are necessary in this industry. We ensure that our employees feel safe, respected, supported and rewarded for the excellent work they do in a company that is making change happen every day. It’s easy to see why BP could feel like the perfect fit for you.


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