Helping to break the ‘glass ceiling’

Two of BP’s male leaders have won awards for their contribution to improving gender balance

BP group treasurer Alan Haywood was awarded the Women in Business & Finance (WIBF) ‘Champion for Women’ award in London. Alan was recognised ahead of nine nominees, particularly for his work in establishing the BP WIN business resource group at BP’s offices in Canada Square, London.

Alan said: “I am thrilled to have received this recognition and very grateful to the collective efforts of BP WIN at Canada Square to support the career aspirations of all, based on fairness and meritocratic achievement, in the belief that a balanced team is a strong team. There is still work to be done - we need managers, many of whom are men, to consciously encourage and guide the aspirations of all.”

Alan's achievement has also been recognised on
Hayden Majajas, D&I director for BP Asia Pacific will soon be presented with a ‘World of Difference (WODA)’ award by The International Alliance for Women, an organization of 35,000 people worldwide supporting women’s economic empowerment and advancement in society and business. The award - one of just ten made around the world - recognises men who make outstanding individual contributions in the corporate world to support the economic empowerment of women.

Hayden said: “I am humbled to be recognised by The International Alliance for Women. Across the Asia Pacific region, we are engaging with more young women to encourage them to think about careers in STEM and we are increasing our efforts in succession planning, resourcing and development for female employees. As a result of our D&I Ambition, we have seen an incremental increase in female representation at all leader levels in BP Asia Pacific over the past three years”.

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