Showcasing BP’s future

Nine young BP employees, described by Helmut Schuster as “BP’s leaders of tomorrow”, were invited to the 2016 One Young World summit in Ottawa, Canada

One Young World - a UK based charity, founded in 2009 - hosts an annual summit to connect talented young leaders from around the world to encourage positive change in the future. BP’s nine selected delegates linked up with 1,300 other young professionals from over 200 countries. At the summit participants debate, formulate and share innovative solutions on pressing world issues like education, environment, global business, health, human rights, peace and security.

It's a demonstration of BP’s commitment to investing in its young talent
Delegate - James Astin

Speakers at the event included; Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, ex secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, women’s rights activist and actress, Emma Watson and Nobel Peace prize winner, Muhammad Yunus. As part of the global business theme, BP’s chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg, discussed the future of the world’s energy demand and the issues facing young leaders.

One of the nine BP delegates, Stephanie Fernandez said: “It was a pleasure hearing Carl-Henric Svanberg’s presentation. His insights into energy industry trends and future energy demand were a helpful lens to maintain for the duration of the conference”.

After his plenary session, Svanberg along with Helmut Schuster (BP Group HR director), Stephen Willis (regional president, BP Canada) and Anita Perry (vice president communications and external affairs, BP Canada) hosted a dinner for the nine delegates. Subsea operations engineer, Casey Yaw said: “I felt proud that they took the time to have dinner with us. Their honesty and willingness to listen to our thoughts demonstrated to me that BP truly cares about its employees and that everyone has a voice.”

Finding inspiration

Over the coming months, the delegates will reflect on their time at One Young World and work together to come up with, plan and implement a project that will drive value to BP. James Astin said “it’s been a fantastic initiative from start to finish. The group immediately built a great rapport, which was reflected in our preparation ahead of the summit and will stand us in great stead as we look to move into the design and subsequent implementation phases of our project. One Young World is a truly unique development opportunity and sending a BP delegation is, in my opinion, something we should be looking to do for many years to come. It is also a demonstration of BP’s commitment to investing in its young talent”.

One Young World 2017 will be held in Bogota, Columbia. In the meantime, for more information, including videos of this year’s event, visit One Young World website.

Meet the nine delegates

James Astin

James joined BP as an HR Graduate in September 2013. Over the last 3 years, he has worked in a number of roles across CBA&F and IST. He currently works in the executive office of our group HR director, Helmut Schuster. James holds a BA (Hons) in politics and economics and a Masters in human resource management.

Rufat Babayev

Rufat Babayev works as a Drilling engineer in Upstream/GWO in BP Azerbaijan. As a drilling engineer, he is responsible for planning and supporting the execution of high pressure wells at the complex Shah Deniz field. Rufat started his career with BP Azerbaijan in 2013 as a challenger drilling engineer. During his time as a challenger, he was a recipient of the 2014 AGT Engineering award within the GWO excellence category and won the 2015 Eastern Hemisphere Technofest competition. As part of winning the Technofest competition, he met with Bernard Looney and was able to showcase his project at the BP Helios Awards 2015 in London

Brittany Crosby

Brittany Crosby began her career with BP in 2008 as a chemical engineering cooperative education student (paid intern who takes a semester off class to work) working in the global lubricants technology (GLT) team. Upon graduation, she joined the team as a formulations technologist, where she oversaw the formulations for fifteen manufacturing sites throughout North and South America. Today, she is a compliance advisor within global supply chain which involves the management of regulatory and risk projects and programmes. Brittany is currently pursuing her MBA in finance and supply chain management.

Stephanie Fernandez

Stephanie Fernandez works as the loyalty operations manager in BP Fuels North America in Chicago. She began working at BP in 2013 as a Downstream commercial challenger. During her time in the challenger program, Stephanie worked in card operations, commercial business management, and planning and performance reporting. As loyalty operations manager, Stephanie is accountable for the end to end operations for the ‘driver rewards’ consumer loyalty program. Stephanie was eager to expand her network and share ideas with leaders from across the globe as part of the 2016 One Young World summit.

Connor Grant

Connor Grant works in the petrochemicals division of Downstream as an optimization engineer at the Texas City chemicals facility. He joined BP in 2013, following his work as a production engineer at the Dow Chemical Company. As an optimization engineer, he ensures optimized, reliable, safe, and compliant manufacture of para-xylene and meta-xylene through day-to-day troubleshooting and technical assistance. He is currently supporting growth and innovation projects which aim to further enhance BP’s meta-xylene production capacity, a market in which it is a global leader.

Andrew Jobling

Andrew Jobling is a third year Commercial Graduate within IST based in London, he currently works as a trading operator for European fuel oil cargoes. As part of the graduate scheme, he has worked as a market analyst for LPG and as a credit risk analyst. Andrew holds a BA (Hons) in economics from Durham University.

Ansom Lam

Anson Lam is a ‘retro analysis improves decisions’ (RAID) analyst on the production planning team at Whiting refinery, where he uses retro analysis to analyse performance retrospectively, by focusing on specific operating decisions, to generate insights on how BP can improve and capture more commercial value going forward. He started with BP in 2007 and has gained experience through various roles across IST, strategy, refining supply, and marketing supply.

Casey Yaw

Casey Yaw works in Upstream as a subsea operations engineer in BP America in Houston. She started working with BP in 2013 after working as a facilities engineering intern for BP in 2012. Casey supports the delivery of the optimization, troubleshooting, inspection, maintenance, and repair of the subsea infrastructure for the Atlantis and Na Kika Gulf of Mexico assets. She is a recent graduate of the Upstream engineering challenge programme. During her time as a challenger, she won the Western Hemisphere 2015 Technofest competition for her work on changing out pressure caps that were a high risk to the Atlantis asset. As part of winning the competition, she met and shared her work with Bernard Looney.

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