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Hear more from our people in our downstream, upstream and supply & trading functions

  • Rebecca Wiles career story

    Rebecca Wiles attributes her rise through the BP ranks to an unswerving focus on what is most relevant to her role, but, she insists, she’s still enjoyed herself along the way

  • More than a job: Aysura’s story

    Aysura is working to show women they can play a leading role in BP’s efforts to Keep Advancing

  • Imagining the future of energy: Sian’s story

    Making a successful transition to new types of energy means understanding the way different technologies relate to each other, says Sian Morgan, a senior power and carbon analyst with BP

  • Career story: Nigar

    Nigar Sadigova has worked with BP since 2003, through roles with SOCAR, Schlumberger and Halliburton, and since 2015 as a Well Planning Geologist employed by BP in Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Striving for More: Fahri’s story

    Having the ability to help the people who have helped him is what motivates Fahri to Keep Advancing

  • Voices from the slope

    To mark the 40th anniversary of oil production at Prudhoe Bay, BP people who were there at the beginning talk about producing energy for America in one of the harshest environments in the world

  • Future Leaders Programme insights

    Christina Lund is one of our most recent joiners on the BP Future Leaders Programme. She took the time to tell us about what led her to join the programme and what she’s been up to so far

  • Engineering perspectives

    On International Women in Engineering Day, completion engineer Diana talks about her role at BP

  • From the diary of a female engineer in BP

    Nigar is the first engineer in her family. She graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy and, following her aspiration to work as an engineer in the hydrocarbon sector, became the first female process engineer in the BP AGT region

  • My career: Bo Chen

    Bo Chen, Group Research engineering advisor and BP-MIT relationship manager, based at the BP Bioscience Center, talks about her passion for science and engineering and the opportunities that BP has brought her

  • Striving for more each day: Sean’s story

    Sean is driven by working with the best and brightest in the industry and is determined to Keep Advancing

  • More than a number: Emily’s story

    Emily describes herself as a person who enjoys a challenge. In BP, she found a place that pushed her to be her best and to Keep Advancing

  • Xiaoping Yang career story

    BP China's president Xiaoping Yang discusses how her career with BP has grown over the last 24 years

  • Tera Brouwer career story

    From Rotterdam refinery to Chicago trading floor, Tera Brouwer shares her varied career story

  • From sea to shore: 'there are some experiences you'd never have in a normal job'

    After spending the early years of her shipping career at sea, Courtney now works on shore as a ship operator, looking after BP-operated and chartered vessels in Australian and New Zealand waters

  • WeAreTechWomen: Monique Breen

    On Thursday 30th November BP will be attending the WeAreTechWomen Conference in London as headline sponsor. Monique Breen will be participating in a mentoring session at this event aimed at women in the tech sector who are looking to broaden their technology horizons, learn new skills and build their technology networks.

  • From soldiering to supply and trading: Leanne's story

    BP’s MPP is designed to strike a good balance between giving candidates tangible roles with clear responsibility and also allowing them the time and space to get up to speed with sector knowledge

  • Inspired by the unknown: Malik’s story

    Like many students, Malik is not totally sure what he wants to do in the future. But he knows he will push himself and work hard to achieve his goals. Because Malik is determined to Keep Advancing

  • Unique opportunities on our Future Leaders Programme

    Dr. Cynthia Pierre, now a Materials & Corrosion Engineer in Australia, gives us an insight into her experience of the Future Leaders Programme and explains how she got to where she is today

  • BP Future Leader: Robin

    Currently based in Shanghai, thirty-one-year-old Robin Zhu is a project manager and part of BP’s Future Leaders Programme. The programme has enabled him to expand his skill set and diversify his career.

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