Imagining the future of energy: Sian’s story

Making a successful transition to new types of energy means understanding the way different technologies relate to each other, says Sian Morgan, a senior power and carbon analyst with BP

Sian Morgan works at the heart of BP’s quest to deliver efficient, sustainable energy solutions. “The focus of the environmental technology team is the energy transition. We provide the strategic science and technology expertise, as well as the commercial insights BP needs to drive that transition.”

Demand for energy will keep increasing as population and wealth continue to grow, she says. “Our challenge is to satisfy the needs of domestic, commercial and industrial users in a way that is more efficient and sustainable, both in terms of reducing emissions and the impact on the wider environment.”

Sian explains how understanding the interdependency of different technologies is crucial to energy transition: “Technologies don’t exist in isolation, but instead work together to meet energy demands. 

“Wind and solar are intermittent forms of generation so you also need flexible technologies, such as gas generation and battery storage, in power systems. In the wider energy system low-carbon power generation can be used as ‘fuel’ for electric vehicles and heating systems.” Which is where Sian’s expertise comes in.

Fifty percent of my time is dedicated to the power and heat research program and the rest is dedicated to the energy transition modelling program. I deliver research projects and provide subject matter expertise to support BP businesses, corporate strategy and external engagements

So what does a typical day look like? “I’m often balancing multiple projects and demands, which means there is an element of unpredictability. I might be working on modelling analysis (all the way from gathering input data to results interpretation), keeping up to date with the latest market and technology developments, or providing technical input to ongoing projects.”

Sian has been with BP since 2017, having previously worked for a consultancy in the energy sector. “I was looking for a new challenge; I wanted to be part of a truly international company with real influence. I was very excited to join BP.”

So how is BP different? “I appreciate the One Team culture at BP that fosters collaboration rather than competition.  From the very start, I felt my views were respected and valued”.

“I’m continually interacting with colleagues across many different parts of the organisation which, apart from being a great networking opportunity, exposes me to developing business opportunities and long-term strategic thinking”.

“I’m a go-to source of expertise for anyone in the organization with questions on power and energy transition scenarios. But often my interactions are about engaging with internal experts to source technology data for models. I also seek input when designing future system scenarios to ensure the analysis will deliver meaningful insights”. 

Overall, I have a fantastic opportunity to influence and make a positive contribution to the energy transition by studying and analysing how future systems can be cleaner and more efficient


We are currently recruiting for a Carbon & Power Analyst, who will provide strategic and impactful insights to support the delivery of BP’s power and heat research programme. If you’re interested in joining BP and helping us navigate through the energy transition

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