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  • Taking a different path

    Upstream, Reservoir Development’s Peter Watson explains why he chose to become an agile worker in the later stages of his career. Find out what he’s gained from the move, both personally and professionally. His story may even inspire other to do the same, or, at the very least, provide food for thought

  • World Mental Health Day 2018

    BP has always provided excellent healthcare support for its employees but we are now taking further steps in the way we care for the mental health and wellbeing of our people

  • Three careers in one: Oliver's Story

    Where do you want to be in 5 year’s time ? We asked Oli Taylor that question when we first filmed him in 2013, and caught up with him again five years later to find out how his career had progressed

  • Digital Energy Day

    Current and future industry experts from various sectors got the chance to debate this topic at our recent Digital Energy Day

  • Insider tips

    For many candidates, a phone interview can be one of the most daunting and nerve-wracking parts of the application process. Knowing how to make a good impression can be a real challenge

  • Does your résumé/CV do its job?

    Here are a few tips to make sure your résumé/CV gives you the best possible chance of the new role you’ve set your heart on

  • #MyBPInternship: Aydan

    Another trip back in time this week to coincide with our internship recruitment season in Azerbaijan – this summer Aydan snapped some of her internship highlights throughout the programme and has agreed for us to share them here

  • Be yourself

    Be yourself and network to success

  • How to make an impact on others

    Achieving what you want in life depends largely on making the right impact on others

  • Surviving rejection

    Being rejected after a job interview feels awful. Yet at some point along the line, everyone receives that dreaded email, call or letter telling them they haven’t got the job. Follow these tips from our BP recruiters

  • Face your fears

    Top 5 tips for face to face interviewing

  • Making interviews count

    So, it’s the end of the interview and now it’s your turn to ask some questions. Make them count

  • Make the most of your career assets

    Your career assets are your skills, experience, attributes, capability and potential

  • WeAreTechWomen conference

    On Thursday 30th November BP will be attending the WeAreTechWomen Conference in London as headline sponsor. Diana Kennedy, VP Strategy, Architecture and Planning will be opening the conference

  • BP Egypt: Addressing gender balance

    Gender equality goes far beyond a simple initiative and BP Egypt addresses the issue in many ways

  • What is Downstream?

    With a strong focus on safety, reliability, quality and efficiency, our Downstream business is looking to the future: maintaining our competitive market position, while increasing our footprint in growing markets

  • BP in numbers: 2016

    An overview of the key activities, events and results in 2016

  • Sailing with the wind

    Military veterans who work as operators at the BP Wind's Remote Operations Centre (ROC) in Houston answer questions about how military service has shaped their BP career

  • Understanding technology professionals

    We were curious to know – ‘What do technology professionals value in their career?’ Here are the results of our recent survey.

  • Empowering Egypt: Aspiration and equality

    BP Egypt backs a number of initiatives that focus on education, training and skills development. And the company’s female staff are a big part of this work

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