How to make an impact on others

Achieving what you want in life depends largely on making the right impact on others

First impressions really do count in today’s fast, frenetic, information-rich world. Have you ever missed out on a new job or promotion because you didn’t create a positive impression? Would you like to assert yourself and influence people the moment you meet them? Do people remember your colleagues but forget about you?

Here are our top tips to make sure that you make an impact on others and leave the right impression:

Think about your personal image

Your personal brand is more important than ever in our image-conscious society.

Present the image that you want to be remembered for. Dress for the occasion, meeting or the job that you want. Don’t think that you have to stick with the image that you have always had, or that it doesn’t matter how you look.

Get noticed for the right reasons.

Get your body language right

Your body language is just as important as what you say when it comes to the way that people perceive you.

An upright posture, firm handshake, warm smile and strong eye contact tell people that you are professional, in control but approachable, and can confidently handle any situation thrown at you.

Remember that timing in life is everything

Being late for work or for important meetings will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Good timekeeping means prioritizing what is urgent, what is important and what can wait.

Other people’s time is valuable, so think about how you manage yours and how this impacts your friends, colleagues and manager if you keep them waiting.

Treat people with respect

We take pride in respecting the world in which we operate, each other and those we work with.

There is a fine line between being assertive and being aggressive. Communicate with others clearly and respectfully; treat those around you as you would like to be treated yourself.

Be assertive by learning how to say 'no’; be respectful by ensuring you have reasons to back up your ‘no’.

Create your own elevator pitch

How do you sell yourself?

Work out a 90-second introduction about you the person, what you do and where you want to be. Say something interesting about yourself and tell it like a story. Practise in front of a mirror and then on others – you’ll know you’ve got your pitch right when it rolls off the tongue.

And who knows, you might soon share a lift with the CEO of the company you’ve always wanted to work for.

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