Spotlight on market analysts in BP supply and trading

It’s a time of unprecedented change across the energy landscape. Growing consumption, technological evolution and the need to find solutions for a lower carbon future all combine to bring unique challenges and opportunities.

At BP, we’re rising to meet these challenges by embracing fresh perspectives and driving innovation. Advancing the way we work to ensure we can keep up with demand. For our supply and trading business, that means being able to deliver the energy the world needs.

At BP, we’re rising to meet these challenges by embracing fresh perspectives and driving innovation

Our trading analytics team have an important part to play in that. Based in four main global trading hubs, this highly skilled specialism brings together five analytical disciplines – market analysis, structuring, quantitative analytics, data strategists and core strategists. Home to around 150 analysts, this team of highly-skilled experts uses a cross-disciplinary analytical approach that brings fresh perspectives to the most challenging commercial problems. As a result, we’re unearthing new answers that will help keep BP advancing now and in the future.

Market analysts are embedded on each of our major trading floors across the world, able to directly impact strategy and commercial decisions. They are the experts who bring new insights into energy and commodity trading, analysing disparate data sets and carrying out research to identify fundamental drivers that influence market prices. When it comes to forecasting what will happen in our sector, it’s a role that faces unique challenges – something that lead crude analyst Lavina enjoys. “Our job is very exciting – you can be an analyst all your life but this market is forever changing. You have to adapt your models and the way you think to the changing market environment.”

The breadth of backgrounds among our market analysts is exceptional. Here, you’ll find talented individuals with academic qualifications in economics, natural sciences, mathematics, engineering and humanities. And when it comes to employment, that range spans even further, with experts from investment banking and consulting, to making internal moves from engineering roles within BP.


“It is a very collaborative atmosphere, with a culture of shared learning.”

“I find it a very inclusive, progressive place to work and I like that. It is a very collaborative atmosphere, with a culture of shared learning.” says market analyst Stephen. “It’s a diverse organisation and it’s a really good group of people to be around every day.” Across trading analytics, our people and the work they do is highly valued and respected.

“BP values analytics more than other places I’ve worked and it’s really empowering,” says market analyst Cory. “We all have the opportunity to exercise an entrepreneurial spirit, knowing we’ll be supported to do more of the things we’re good at.” It’s the quality of the work that really makes our people tick. “Supply and trading puts a lot of emphasis on rigorous frameworks,” says macro economist Robert. “If you’re interested in robust analytics, it’s a very intellectually satisfying place to be.” Naturally, the scale and impact of an organization like ours offers plenty of potential when it comes to career development and global opportunities too. Our market analysts are empowered, rewarded and inspired by the value they bring to the business, leveraging their skills and expertise to unlock routes for their own progression.

“There’s so much you can do within BP,” says market analyst Jason. “The breadth and freedom to shape your own role is exceptional.”

If you’re an analyst looking for a role that empowers you to identify and act on every new opportunity, this is where you’ll find it.

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