Our business infrastructure underpins every element of what we do

Business support teams work in every part of our organization to ensure we never compromise on our values or ethics, and that safety is always our number one priority. 

Commercial and external affairs enables us to make sound business decisions. Ethics and compliance ensures we do the right thing for all our stakeholders. Finance improves our business performance and maintains robust financial controls. HR teams act as strategic and operational business partners. Group audit provides assurance on risk management. 

Legal teams are involved in everything from employment law to dispute resolution. Our tax function ensures compliance with tax legislation and optimizes our tax position. And our treasury team acts as our internal bank.

Find out where your business knowledge could be best put to use across BP or Castrol.

Take your place in one of our specialist, high-calibre business support teams

Business support

We have a global reach. Our interests range from discovering and shipping oil to selling fresh coffee. The importance and variety of our businesses demand the very best support. That’s why our support teams work in every part of our organization. Their dedication, talent and flexibility ensure we can continue to develop new and better ways to solve the challenge of meeting tomorrow’s energy needs. Do you have what it takes to join them? 

Communications and external affairs

Give our audiences a true perspective of our work

One minute it’s a press story on our upstream developments. The next, it’s agreeing a public engagement strategy in the US. There are important external and internal audiences – our customers, suppliers, employees, host governments, neighbours and communities in which we work. We use multiple channels from videos, magazines and social media to corporate reports, speeches and events. But what unites all the communication teams across our organization is the need to build relationships that support BP’s business priorities and values. And, when the business covers six continents, our activities include exploration, refining and marketing, transportation and trading, and safety is our number one priority, our communications and relationships with stakeholders have to be as powerful and effective as possible.

Our reputation is one of our biggest assets – and we believe that our future is linked to our reputation. That’s why what we say about our business is so important.

You could be:
  • Running an internal communications project.
  • In one of our regions talking to media and community organizations about our local commitments.
  • Editing our global intranet site or employee magazine, or managing our global employee recognition event.
Whatever you do, one thing is certain: BP has to reach audiences at locations everywhere in the world. Our communications and external affairs teams are skilled at managing multiple channels and relationships, covering issues that are complex and vital to the world’s future. 

Ethics and compliance

You’ll make sure we do the right thing for our people, our communities and our customers

As one of the world’s leading energy companies, we take our responsibilities seriously. Our own people, the communities where we operate and our customers all expect us to observe the highest ethical standards. Our code of conduct gives us the guidance and support we need to conduct our business ethically and to comply with the law; these two things are vital to our success. It is based on our foundations: ‘What we do’, ‘What we stand for’ and ‘What we value’. 

Our ethics and compliance teams support businesses, functions, leaders and individuals across BP to meet their ethical and legal obligations, and manage compliance risks. So we need qualified compliance professionals, from directors to analysts, who can role-model best practice in behaviours, encourage a speak-up culture and hold themselves and others accountable.

We look for strong business acumen, plus the ability to navigate across a large, complex organization and build relationships with various stakeholders. The resilience to handle a large caseload under pressure, confidence and credibility are also core attributes. All this whilst never compromising on our values and keeping safety a priority.

As a member of one of our teams, you might be assessing and reporting on the effectiveness of our ethics and compliance programme. You could be conducting investigations into ethics and compliance matters, possibly in partnership with legal counsel, or supporting disciplinary procedures for breaches of our code of conduct.


Career opportunities in ethics and compliance are available in many locations across the world.


Our economists bring a new perspective to our refining business and other areas of our global operations

Our refineries safely and reliably produce a wide range of fuels, petrochemicals and lubricants for domestic, industrial and commercial applications. Our commercial modelling and economics team serves as a centre for excellence that assists our refineries and fuels value chains (FVCs) across the world. Its global role is to develop and evaluate robust strategies, as well as the commercial and capital investments we are making to maintain, improve and expand our refining business.

This high-calibre team also supports projects beyond the refining remit – in areas such as integrated supply and trading (IST), upstream (exploration and production) and joint ventures – where refining knowledge is critical to successful delivery.

Our economists are responsible for linear programming (LP) and non-LP modelling of refining solutions. These enable us to respond to site and FVC operational strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Typical tasks include assessing the commercial viability of a project or testing its economic robustness, developing communication documents for project and senior management, or supporting clients in the early stages of commercial project evaluations.

We need high-calibre people who can combine economic modelling experience with a wide knowledge of refining processes and the downstream value chain. Strong analytical, networking, organizational and time management skills are important, as is a willingness to travel globally.


Our finance professionals come from over 60 nationalities – working as one, highly talented team

BP is built on incisive financial decisions. With a business partner model in place, the fundamental purpose of finance is to add value to our diverse company. It aims to improve the performance of our Upstream and Downstream businesses and corporate and functions, while maintaining an effective and robust control environment. It does this by providing expert advice, driving strategy, offering independent perspectives and delivering efficient processes. 

Finance at BP attracts high-calibre professionals from over 60 nationalities. We can offer you a rich and varied career, working across different locations and cultures to tangibly impact our business in a safe and reliable environment. You could be talking to South Africa about expenses, or our regional Asian business service centre in Malaysia about improving financial performance. You could be liaising with Russia about how they intend to define their project plans, or global business services, Europe, in Budapest about business process transformation. 

Ours is an industry that’s constantly changing. Global markets literally shift overnight. We buy and sell assets, and negotiate huge contracts around the world. Discoveries need to be assessed, new technologies funded and strategies agreed. Our finance professionals deliver the commercial expertise to projects to ensure we keep pace.

In group finance, you could be involved in capital allocation, planning, performance management, financial reporting or balance sheet management. There will be plenty of opportunities to specialize – whether that’s as an economist helping us to respond to fast-changing energy markets or as an expert in financial processes ensuring our systems are benchmarks for excellence.

Group finance also includes:

In tax, you’ll be part of a team responsible for ensuring compliance with tax legislation and optimizing our tax position in the countries where we operate. 

In treasury, you’ll be part of a team that moves around $1 trillion every year, acting as the company’s in-house global bank. 

In group audit, you’ll be applying your expertise to a range of situations to assess internal controls over people, systems and processes. 

In mergers and acquisitions, you’ll be identifying new business opportunities, evaluating their viability and possibly formulating a proposal and seeing the transaction through to conclusion. 

Who do we need?

In finance, we’re always on the lookout for qualified accountants – ACA, ACCA or CIMA in equal measure to meet our needs. We’re always interested in hearing from those with experience in areas such as audit and control, finance learning and development, finance assurance, MI reporting, risk management, finance planning, financial reporting, actuals reporting, treasury, tax, accounting policy or finance indirect procurement. Experience of working in complex, multi-level or blue-chip organizations, the confidence to liaise with senior stakeholders or an energy industry background would be an asset.

Typical roles we recruit for in group finance include: finance analyst, finance manager, treasury manager, compliance manager, performance manager, planning manager, financial reporting manager, financial accountant, report analyst and lead accountant.


Finance professionals at BP work in a number of locations including:

London – the BP group's global headquarters are located in St James's Square while our premises in Canary Wharf house our integrated supply and trading (IST) and city facing (CF) functions. London is the capital city of the UK, a leading global city, a diverse and exciting cosmopolitan city. 

Houston  – our corporate business center provides financial and accounting support to many of our businesses and functional areas. Houston is the fourth largest city in the US, the largest city in the state of Texas and the largest city in the American South.

Kuala Lumpur – home to our Asia business service centre. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, a cultural melting pot with some of nature's wonders just an hour away. 

Budapest – our European business service centre (BSC) focuses on finance, customer service, mid and back office support for procurement, HR services and functional support for customers in our Downstream business.  


We have an open, inclusive and consensus-driven culture in finance in keeping with the BP values. In our constantly evolving, business-facing, multicultural environment, finance professionals are trusted with responsibility, valued for their commitment and appreciated for their subject matter expertise. While finance is a global function that provides ongoing opportunities and challenges, it’s anything but impersonal – people really matter here. 

Group audit

Join a team with a wide mix of skills and experience, working at the very heart of BP

Group audit is our third line of defence for all our risks. We focus on our significant risks; we make a positive impact – helping to make BP safer, better managed and more valuable.

We play a critical role in meeting our strategic priority of putting safety and operational risk management at the heart of our business, as well as restoring trust and creating value in an ever-evolving world. We work directly with our businesses to strengthen processes, improve controls and help people work more efficiently.

Whether at an oilfield in Alaska, a trading floor in London or any other part of BP, group audit works with every part of our global operations. With over 80,000 employees and a vast number of huge projects around the world, we have a global and diverse portfolio. The technologies we rely on, the places we work and the customers who use our products are all changing rapidly. 


Group audit sits at the heart of BP, so you’ll have a first-hand look at how we operate and how we address the huge variety of challenges we face every day. Ours is a setting where you’ll be constantly stretched.

Join us and you’ll have exposure to widely different situations and opportunities to work in places that are just as varied. This week you could be in one city; next week another assignment could take you to a BP office on the other side of the world. Each audit team is formed from a group of diverse individuals with a mix of skills and experience that we continually update.

You’ll work alongside experts from different disciplines, learn from them and share your knowledge. Group audit will also introduce you to our senior leaders, giving you the chance to build strong relationships and see how strategy is developed and implemented, so we look for confident communication skills.

Everyone on our team has a voice and we encourage curiosity, challenge, proactivity, critical thinking and problem solving. Diverse perspectives are valued. You may be selected to lead one audit and be a member of a team in the next. What we do isn’t about hierarchies; it’s about independently assessing risks and helping to strengthen controls over systems and processes, as well as the way people do their jobs. We work as one team and the relationships we build encourage strong performances.

If you’re a high-calibre individual with the technical and business expertise to provide an independent view that will help us achieve increasingly higher standards of risk management, group audit is for you. You’ll develop extensive risk management and internal control capability which is highly valued. In short, this is a career-enhancing experience.

Who do we need?

Our people come from a wide range of disciplines. You could be a lawyer, an engineer, a marketer, an accountant or have a background in technology. Experience in the energy industry is an asset. But your attitude, abilities and personal skills are also key.

We look for analytical people who can process and prioritize information quickly. It’s also important to be able to think critically about the data and reports you’re working with. Healthy scepticism is something you’ll need for every audit you’re involved in. An appreciation of risk and the courage to challenge where appropriate are also vital.

You’ll have the highest levels of integrity and objectivity combined with an awareness of different cultures and business styles.

Human resources

Delivering energy to the world depends on investing in the people who’ll make it possible. That’s where HR comes in

Angola is home to some of our most exciting exploration projects. How can you be sure local engineers have the right qualifications for the job? Has there been enough investment in local education?  

What about the teams in Malaysia? Are the assessment procedures in line with BP’s diversity and inclusion policies? 

And in the UK, are we giving our graduates the inspiration they need to become business leaders? 

A company as pioneering as ours doesn’t wait to be discovered by people who have the right talents and skills. HR professionals have to put together the plans that will recruit, retain and reward people who can keep us ahead in the global energy challenge. They also develop world-class training programmes for over 80,000 employees, build our capabilities and anticipate the demand for new skills. And when it comes to HR policies and procedures, they help create a culture of mutual respect. In short, HR drives our performance – on a global scale.

At BP, HR professionals act as business partners. Some deliver strategic guidance. Others support the day-to-day needs of managers and employees. And when a business has operations in six continents, that guidance and support has to be powerful enough to deliver commercial goals.

Efficiency holds the key to what HR can achieve and we invest in systems, data and core processes to manage governance, policy and compliance. That way HR can respond quickly and effectively to the fast-changing energy industry. HR plans and policies help equip our people for their roles – whether that’s drilling deeper wells, delivering clear financial reporting or promoting safety.


Advise and influence complex legal cases as part of a collaborative global team

Whether it’s advising on employment law, leading on dispute resolution, registering our patents or preparing contracts for a major development, lawyers have an indispensable role to play at BP.

Our legal teams act as collaborative partners to every part of our business, providing the insight and expertise we need across the globe to make the right decisions and progress as a company that puts safety first. Our legal teams either sit in a central function, such as corporate reporting or group general counsel office, or support individual businesses, including Upstream, Downstream, and integrated supply and trading (IST). There are also opportunities to specialize in fields such as energy law, regulatory law, intellectual property rights and health, safety, security and environment (HSSE). 

In addition to legal knowledge, we look for strong business acumen, plus the ability to navigate a large, complex organization and build relationships with various stakeholders. Confidence, credibility and judgement plus the resilience to handle a large caseload under the pressure of deadlines are core attributes. 

What can you expect?

Wherever you’re based, you could find yourself providing advice and counsel on current and emerging issues that have significant legal implications for our business. Depending on your level of expertise, you might be structuring, documenting and negotiating a multi-million dollar transaction. You could be securing legal permits and protections for our high-value assets and, where necessary, escalating and advising an issue through the legal line or to the business.

One team culture

Irrespective of what you’re doing, you’ll thrive in our one team culture. We collaborate across business-facing and specialist groups to ensure the advice provided is consistent and aligned. We work hard to understand the challenges and objectives of various areas of the business while making sure we retain our independence – ultimately, our legal teams have a duty to the BP group as a whole.

The UK Legal team has been named Diversity Champion - Legal Team of the Year 2019 by Legal 500, and Energy Legal Team of the Year 2019 – great recognition of the value the whole team brings to BP and shows that we’re achieving things in a positive, progressive way.


With BP, you can pursue a truly global legal career. Our legal teams are located in the UK (London, Sunbury, Aberdeen and Milton Keynes), Angola, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Trinidad, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

Mergers and acquisitions

The vision to identify new business opportunities? The tenacity to make them happen? You’re just right for our high-calibre team

In our business, standing still isn’t an option. At BP, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to expand our business by acquiring and selling assets throughout the world with whom we have a mutual interest. Our mergers and acquisitions (M&A) team therefore has a vital part to play in our long-term business strategy.

BP is built on a foundation of values and ethics, with safety and excellence being our top priority, but incisive financial decisions are just as important. M&A is all about identifying new business opportunities before the competition, evaluating their viability and, where appropriate, formulating a proposal and seeing the transaction through to conclusion. It’s a demanding remit that calls for an impressive combination of commercial acumen, financial know-how, market understanding and strong negotiating skills.

Joining our M&A team with a good first degree and ideally a postgraduate qualification, as well as relevant experience, you’ll deliver the resources and knowledge that help us keep pace with change. The success of our business and the success of our employees go hand in hand. So in return for your talents, we’ll give you the learning and development opportunities to follow a flexible career path in line with your aspirations within a hugely stimulating, constantly changing environment.

Procurement and supply chain management (PSCM)

When you’re working against the clock and to a strict budget, your perspective has to be crystal clear

The platform is being constructed in Trinidad, but the raw materials are thousands of miles away and exactly how much steel is needed from the contractor? What about the underwater cabling that connects the new platform to land? Then there’s the question of equipment for the onshore processing plant. Time is of the essence, but so are costs and reliable contracts. 

Top-calibre professionals in procurement and supply chain management (PSCM) ensure we buy goods and services that deliver commercial and competitive advantage, while contributing to safe and reliable operations across the globe. And, with a business that includes everything from oil exploration in Africa to selling petrol for cars and coffee for passengers, managing how we spend money is vital.

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Procurement manager Paul on his role and how his work / life balance at BP is helping him to fulfil his dream of representing Team GB in the Triathlon

There’s no doubt that the demand for energy is growing and that keeping up with this demand will be challenging. A strong, efficient approach to making sure that every part of our organization has access to the best and most cost-effective resources has never been more important.

Our interests are wide. Professionals in PSCM work in every part of our business and in places as varied as Angola, Brazil, the USA and Indonesia. Wherever they are, innovative improvements are valued and our teams take on strategic as well as operational goals in their work with suppliers, contractors and government bodies. We encourage our people to progress as specialists in key market areas or by becoming involved in more than one large global project at a time. 


Our tax team attracts people from many different disciplines, bringing us a range of perspectives

The purpose of the BP tax function is to ensure that we comply with the tax legislation in every country and jurisdiction in which we operate. At the same time, the function looks to optimize our tax position and effectively manage any tax risk that we may incur. It’s all about acting responsibly towards both governments across the world and our own shareholders.

Whether you take on a group-wide role dealing with our corporate tax returns, or support an individual business in handling its direct or indirect taxes, BP offers an ideal opportunity to build on your experience of tax planning, accounting and compliance. We’ll give you world-class learning and development to keep your tax knowledge up to date and enable you to follow a flexible, long-term career path in line with your strengths and ambitions. We’ll also welcome your ideas on how our tax function can do things better, faster and more efficiently.

Our tax team attracts graduates from a law, business administration, economics or accounting discipline who have experience in tax-related activities, preferably gained in a multinational or top-end consulting environment. Strong analytical, problem-solving and IT skills are essential. Our tax team works closely with other functions such as finance, treasury, legal, mergers and acquisitions, information technology and services and human resources, so good interpersonal skills are also vital.


Bring your commercial and financial know-how to our talented global team

As part of a huge international finance function, our treasury team is involved in a range of activities. These include raising debt through bonds, managing corporate risk by hedging the group’s foreign exchange exposure, providing insurance and managing the group’s pensions fund. But our main role is to ensure that BP has the right funding, liquidity and currency in the right place at the right time.

As a truly global function, our treasury team has offices in London, Singapore, Houston and Chicago. We recruit people who have the commercial knowledge and financial intelligence to make complex judgments that may have global implications. Join us and you’ll need a genuine interest in global economic and political events, together with an understanding of how each story might affect BP’s business. In return, we’ll provide you with world-class learning and development in line with your strengths and aspirations, which will enable you to follow a flexible, long-term career path.

Diversity and inclusion

We work as one team, bringing together people from a range of backgrounds whose different perspectives enrich our business. That’s why we value diversity and inclusion. Everyone at BP is treated fairly, with respect, and is encouraged to voice their opinion. 

Each member of the team knows what is expected of them and is given every opportunity to realize their potential in a pleasant, supportive and collaborative environment.

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