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Applications opening on the 31st August.

Please ensure you read the Recruitment process before making application to the Future Leaders Programme.


The distinctive capability commercial is represented by three main sub-disciplines, including refining supply and optimisation, supply chain operations and logistics and lastly marketing supply and pricing.

  • Refining supply and optimisation: maximises the commercial performance of the value chain through the optimisation of its refineries and associated assets. It ensures there are efficient, cohesive refining supply activities spanning fuels and IST global oil in the short and medium term timeframes. It identifies and implements opportunities to improve the commercial performance of the refineries and associated assets, acting at all times to maximise value. (Example job titles: refining supply manager, refinery planner, refinery optimisation manager).
  • Supply chain operations and logistics: ensure safe, efficient and reliable execution of the regional supply plan activities. Supply chain operations schedule physical movements into and out of the refinery ensuring complete and efficient handoffs between regions and with IST global oil. Logistics ensures that logistics processes are strategically and commercially aligned with the fuels business and manage all pipeline, terminal and secondary transportation operations. (Example job titles: supply operations manager, logistics manager, supply operator). 
  • Marketing supply and pricing:  marketing supply and pricing maximises the commercial performance of marketing assets within the value chain for the short-term timeframe and lead the mid-term optimisation for the fuels business by requesting the appropriate input from relevant stakeholders including Refining supply, sales & marketing and Finance. It ensures that efficient, reliable and competitively priced products are marketed across the value chain, acting at all time to maximise value to BP and the overall gross margin contribution. (Example job titles: marketing supply manager, mid-term planner, and demand planning manager).

Sales, marketing and retail

The distinctive capability area of sales, marketing and retail is made up of these three areas each with their own independent sub-disciplines and career pathways.

  • Sales: consists of four different sub-disciplines, these include direct sales / B2B focused on managing the direct sale to customers, indirect sales focused on managing the sale to distributors or other third parties. As well as global and key account management, focused account management of our customers who will bring long-term value and lastly customer excellence, focused on supporting (pre and post) sale of products and services. (Example job titles: demand analyst, customer excellence manager, account manager, sales representative).
  • Retail:  focuses on providing retail services to customers through company-owned or dealer-owned sites as well as supplying commercial fleet customers within the transport and industrial sectors. (Example job titles: area manager retail, retail manager, retail customer experience manager)
  • Marketing: consists of five different sub-disciplines, these include, general marketing strategy and planning, brand management, communications and engagement, insights and customer understanding, product and offer development and customer experience. (Example job titles: offer development manager, customer experience manager, brand and communication manager).


The technology distinctive capability area in Downstream consists of nine different sub-disciplines, embracing all types of technology jobs. These include:

  • Engineering and technical services
  • Process development
  • Research and analytical testing
  • Product development
  • Assurance
  • Compliance and support
  • Mechanical Testing. 

(Example job titles: technician, bioprocess engineer, chemical engineer, bioscientist, analytical chemist). 

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