Helping communities

BP encourages graduates and students to contribute to their local communities because volunteering is important to us

As a student or graduate at BP, it's not all about day-to-day work. From Azerbaijan to Australia, the USA to the UK, we encourage our people to work on diverse projects that improve lives in their local communities.

Below are examples of some recent projects.

STEP project

BP STEP (Shaping Talent, Energy and Potential) is BP’s flagship Leadership Development program for undergraduate freshman and sophomores. Each group of BP STEP students joins BP in a service project in the communities in which we live and operate. This program was in support of a US food pantry that helps feed families in need.

US community service project

Each year BP interns and co-ops across the US represent BP in the community through a service project. This year in Houston the interns facilitated Science and Math related activities with a local summer program for kids. Sample activities included a session on how to budget and a session which taught kids the science behind making ice cream. 

UK restoration project

BP’s UK Interns recently partnered with Eastend homes and volunteered their time to help restore a local community recreation area on philanthropic day at Tower Hamlets. 


Supporting Singapore’s swimmers

BP in Singapore is a proud partner of the Singapore National Paralympic Council.  The aim of the partnership is to support Team Singapore as they compete at the highest levels, and to promote awareness and inclusion for those with disabilities.  Many of our staff have offered to volunteer to support some the competitions which have taken place.  For example, 30 staff supported the National Schools Swimming championships, where youngsters from many of the schools for those with intellectual impairments competed.