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BP operates at every phase of the energy cycle, bringing a wide range of opportunities


BP upstream is continually developing new technologies to find and develop new resources. We use industry-leading seismic data acquisition and imaging to find oil and gas more effectively from complex geology, and to maximise resources from existing discoveries. Running safe, reliable and efficient well operations is always our priority and by integrating real-time data to our operations we can manage our fields and facilities more efficiently and reduce risks.

Our plans mean even more opportunities for upstream specialists – such as engineers, geologists and operations, planning and logistics professionals – as well for people who work in our business functions. These functions support our upstream operations and include commercial, communications and external affairs, compliance and ethics, finance, human resources, audit, procurement and supply chain management (PSCM) and legal.


Downstream is responsible for the safe and reliable refining, manufacturing, marketing, transportation, supply and trading of crude oil, petroleum, petrochemicals products and related services. These significant operations are run by more than 50,000 people in Europe, North America and Asia – people who bring us a wide variety of skills and expertise. We also manufacture and market our products across Australasia, Southern Africa and Central and South America.

We operate hydrocarbon value chains covering three main businesses. This ensures we consistently deliver to our customers and consumers: fuels, which includes refineries and a number of fuels marketing businesses; Castrol, who manufacture and market lubricants and related products; and petrochemicals, which manufactures petrochemical products at global locations.

As part of Downstream, you could have the chance to experience the best-positioned refineries or truly premium products. You’ll also have exposure to the most advanced conversion, petrochemicals, refining, lubricants or fuels technologies.

Supply and trading

Supply and trading works in close partnership with upstream and downstream, providing the commercial face for BP. It enhances BP’s group value through the application of distinctive supply, trading, risk management and information technology skills, underpinned by a world-class control infrastructure. 

We trade a varied range of products including oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, currencies, metals and financial derivatives. To put that into perspective, in a year Supply and trading completes some 550,000 transactions and serves over 12,000 customers across more than 140 countries. Every second our servers are crunching over 157 trillion independent calculations, equivalent to around 100,000 home PCs.

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Supply and trading helps to create long-term value from our assets by managing the flow of these commodities. It also brings our specialized knowledge of safe and reliable energy production and asset management, together with our experience of global markets, to create a single commercial face to the traded markets.

Our global trading activity generates a huge amount of information that other companies without access to physical assets simply do not have. This gives us a clear advantage in converting up-to-the-minute data into effective market calls.

Corporate and functions

Corporate and functions (C&F) is the backbone of BP, providing essential, specialist advice to all areas of the company. Working in an environment based on collaborative teamwork, you could help us make key strategic decisions that shape our long-term future, put the right people in the right places, strengthen safe, reliable and compliant operations and ensure we make the most of the digital technology that connects our businesses and our people.

As our corporate centre, C&F includes large functional teams such as finance, IT and human resources.  C&F also includes talented professionals working in other areas such as legal, procurement and shipping. Our health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) teams deliver the strategic leadership that strengthens the business’s ability to follow consistent safety practices and protocols and embed a culture of safety across our operations.

Whichever role you play, you could be part of a team driving innovation and best practice around the world.

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