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BP's commitment to the MARPOL 2020 global sulphur cap

Release date:
3 December 2018
BP is maintaining its commitment to the MARPOL global sulphur cap by supporting and engaging with its customers at SiBCON in October and at ERTC in November 2018

At the Singapore International Bunkering Conference (SiBCON), BP discussed the challenges and preparation required for the implementation of MARPOL.


Among the BP speakers at the conference were Adam Burks, chief operating officer Gasoil Fuel Oil (GOFO), and Eddie Gauci, Global head, BP Marine.


BP’s main messages at SiBCON were:

  • Prices are already adjusting, further incentivising investment.
  • The majority of shippers are expected to burn 0.5% S fuels at the start of 2020.
  • There will likely be a period of volatility during the transition.
  • The supply chain is in action to address the needs of shippers in 2020 and beyond…   



This conference enabled BP to face the market and demonstrate our capabilities in the marine market today and highlight our readiness for the MARPOL change on the horizon.Eddie GauciGlobal head, BP Marine



At the European Refining Technology Conference (ERTC) during 27-30 November, in Cannes, France, Richard de Caux, BP’s Head of Refining Analysis, is speaking about BP’s energy outlook across Downstream and how the industry (refineries and shippers) will adapt to MARPOL regulations.