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Fujairah bunker operations - update

Release date:
19 April 2017
Fujairah bunker supply offers customers greater choice and flexibility

BP Marine already has a reputation as one of the world’s foremost fuel suppliers, servicing ports in strategic locations right across the globe. And with the addition of bunker supply out of Fujairah on the Gulf of Oman, we’re delighted to enhance that reputation and offer even more choice and flexibility to our customers.


Fujairah enjoys a unique position on the Gulf of Oman, adjacent to the Strait of Hormuz, on the eastern flank of the Arabian Peninsula. Its coasts extend 90 km along the Gulf of Oman, which accords it a strategic importance to the Emirate.


Customers wishing to take advantage of our Fujairah service will benefit from our renowned safety and quality bunkering procedures, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all carried out by our dedicated and experienced BP team.


The main grades available are RMG380 and DMA, with RME 180 subject to availability. Bunkers can be supplied via barge at anchorage and no overtime charges are applicable for bunker supply.Bunker deliveries at Fujairah are carried out in accordance with BP's standards for safety and rigorous quality control. 


For more information about Fujairah or BP Marine, please contact your BP Account Manager.


Further information

  • >200k cbm tankage is available
  • Vopak jetty loading/discharge infrastructure
  • 2 bunker jetties (2 X 20" pipelines)
  • 4 cargo jetties (1 X 16" + 3 X 20" + 1 X 24" pipelines)
  • Vopak jetty loading capability for FO 380cst:
  • 42 Deg C, 637 cst & 800cbm/hr
  • 40 Deg C, 730 cst & 650cbm/hr
  • 38 Deg C, 840 cst & 500cbm/hr
  • 36 Deg C, 1042 cst & 400cbm/hr
  • Delivery to Khor Fakkan can be arranged
  • Bunker operation strictly follows BP bunkering procedures (SS600 look-alike) to ensure safety and quality
  • More than 200k cbm Vopak storage available for BP
  • Dedicated barges to fulfil BP orders by following BP bunkering procedures (SS600 look-alike) to ensure safety and supply quality/quantity
  • Increased supply flexibility with 3rd party spot charters where BP bunkering procedures will be adhered to