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Central Asia

BP's activities in this region are focused in Azerbaijan. BP also operates the BTC pipeline which transports Azeri crude from Sangachal terminal on the Caspian Sea to Ceyhan terminal on the Mediterranean Sea for export
Azeri (Ceyhan)
Central Azeri platform

Azeri crude is produced from a cluster of discoveries in the Caspian Sea, known collectively as Azeri, Chirag, deepwater Gunashli (ACG) field and contains condensate from Shah Deniz gas field and other third-party crude oil from the Caspian region. 


BP operates the ACG development, which is a complex of six production platforms: Chirag 1, Central Azeri, West Azeri, East Azeri, Deepwater Gunashli and West Chirag. ACG reservoir provides 75% of Azerbaijan’s liquids and is thus a critical driver of the Azerbaijani economy. BP also operates Shah-Deniz, one of the world’s largest gas-condensate fields, on behalf of partners. 


Azeri (Ceyhan) is a light sweet crude with an estimate production of 650kbd in 2019.


Azeri (Ceyhan) crude is transported via BTC (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan) pipeline operated by BP for export to the Mediterranean Sea crude oil terminal at Ceyhan, Turkey. In addition to the offshore assets, BP also operates the Sangachal Terminal which receives, processes, stores and exports equity crudes and gas – and serves as the first pump station for the BTC pipeline.

Location Mediterranean
Load terminal Ceyhan
Parcel sizes Up to VLCC
Azeri Light (Supsa)
Sangachal Brownfield terminal

Azeri Light (Supsa) is a blend of the ACG field production. It is a light sweet crude with low metals and is the heavier blend of the two Azeri grades.


Production in 2019 is estimated at 100kbd.


Azeri Light (Supsa) is exported via the BP operated WREP (Western Export) pipeline to Supsa on the West Coast of Georgia, giving access to the Black Sea.

Location Azerbaijan
Load terminal

Supsa on the Georgian Black Sea coast

Parcel sizes Up to 1,000,000 barrels
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