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North Africa

BP (JV) operates the In Amenas facility in Algeria which produces Algerian Condensate and in Egypt BP operates the GUPCO Joint Venture which produces Gulf of Suez Mix
Algerian Condensate
Gulf of Suez Mix
Algerian Condensate

The In Amenas fields, first discovered between 1956 and 1963, are located in southeast Algeria around 80 kilometres from the Libyan border. The Tiguentourine field was first brought onstream in 1961 but was later abandoned.


In 2000 BP started the second development of the Tiguentourine field which includes four wet gas fields. A 50:50 In Amenas JV was formed in 2003 by BP and Equinor and the facility is now operated by the JV. The JV has entitlement to the condensate.


First production from the In Amenas project was achieved in May 2006.


Algerian Condensate is a light and sweet crude with low metals.


Condensate is transported from the In Amenas gathering plant in Tiguentourine to Ohanet via a 40kbd pipeline.

Location Algeria
Load terminal Various
Parcel sizes 25-30 kt
Gulf of Suez Mix

BP operates a number of assets in the Gulf of Suez. BP’s Gulf of Suez operation is one of the largest in the region and is operated as a JV with the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO).


It is a medium sour crude.


Crude is available for export from Ras Shukeir.

Location Red Sea
Load terminal Ras Shukheir
Parcel sizes Up to VLCC
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