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PTAir Carbon Calculator

Take advantage of the bp PTAir Carbon Calculator


Communicating the sustainability of products and services has become an important source of brand differentiation. Increasing scrutiny and regulation also demand rigour and transparency in how businesses report the contribution their products and services make to environmental changes
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The PTAir Carbon Calculator is designed to help PTAir customers along the value chain calculate the carbon footprint of their products when manufactured using PTAir or PTAir Neutral and to facilitate the full neutralisation of the final product, be that a bottle, food tray, fibres or specialties.


About the calculator

The Calculator uses a methodology compliant with ISO standards, and has been reviewed and assured by IFEU – Institute for Energy and DEKRA. From the data provided, the Carbon Calculator will calculate:

  • Overall greenhouse gas emissions (in kg CO2-eq) connected to the production of the specified product (1)
  • The carbon footprint per unit produced (in kg CO2-eq/kg product)
  • Amount of incremental carbon reduction realized from the use of bp PTAir™ low carbon and bp PTAir™ Neutral products compared to using industry average feedstock only.


PET producers who manufacture their product with PTAir can also take advantage of code-sharing functionality to share their GWP values with their customers further down the value chain who also want to calculate their GWP.

The Calculator is not suitable for products manufactured from other forms of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) or for any other products.

1. More details on the scope of the calculations are provided when registration is complete
Plastic tray
To request a user account, visit the calculator website, select ‘register for access’ and complete the online request
*Only available to PTAir customers or partners in the value chain who are supplied with products made with PTAir