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Technical support

Technical services

Process safety support incident investigation, LOPC, LOPA, HAZOP, risk reduction, process safety consulting
PTA customer support customer visits, complaint analysis and investigation
WWT support troubleshooting, system improvements, design
Corrosion and metallurgy failure analysis, inspection, material selection, repair guidance
Technology support for continuous improvement SWAT team studies, technology improvements, rapid application of learnings from other sites
Reliability and TAR support benchmarking, audits, reliability models
Rotating equipment support BHS filters, PAC train, pumps, agitators etc.
Heat exchanger/separations support design, troubleshooting
Process control and automation control strategies, safety systems, training simulator support and consultation
Energy improvement boilers, furnaces, preheaters, process evaluations
Chemistry and catalysis support CATOX, PTA catalyst, troubleshooting
Technology and operations training Classroom, Online Training Simulator, Field Training


Core equipment

Core equipment is designed and fabricated with high precision machinery, advanced tools, and qualified personnel to maximize process performance and reliability. To help our customers maximize the procurement of domestic equipment while assuring the reliability and quality, bp has developed a rigorous process to qualify vendors. At bp’s Zhuhai3 PTA plant in Zhuhai, China, 85% of the equipment was fabricated locally.

Proprietary equipment

Proprietary equipment such as the Solvent Exchange and PTA Pressure Filter is vital to the safe and successful operation of the bp PTA process. Over the past 15 years bp has successfully installed over 50 of these filters globally in both new and existing units. Jointly developed by bp and a third party supplier, the proprietary design of both the Solvent Exchange and PTA pressure filter has been continuously improved. It is only available from bp for application in a PTA manufacturing process.

Commissioning and start-up

bp provides a team of specialists in areas such as operations, rotating equipment, process controls, wastewater treatment and laboratory to assist in pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, initial operation, maintenance and training.

Partneship with TechnipFMC can bring a consolidated worldwide commissioning leadership in on-shore and off-shore projects that ensures safe plant delivery to clients.

PMC services

As a single point of contact or as part of an integrated management team with the customer, TechnipFMC applies PMC best practices and management skills in conjunction with state of the art experience in bp PTA plant to assist our customers in achieving their business objectives.

In addition to our unique EPC skills, TechnipFMC has the required project management experience and expertise to support its customers’ business objectives throughout project planning, development and execution phases and consistently delivering projects with outstanding safety and environmental performance that meet cost, schedule and quality targets assuring the technology integrity.

TechnipFMC aims at being the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) contractor of choice by supporting its customers’ business objectives throughout project planning, development and execution phases and consistently delivering projects with outstanding safety and environmental performance that meet cost, schedule and quality targets.

Procurement services

bp/TechnipFMC can offer their extended procurement competences to ensure the acquisition and delivery of fit for purpose goods and services from the worldwide industry at the best possible conditions of price, within the specified requirements of schedule, quantity and contractual provisions. We can provide an extensive vendor list including additional services for scouting and rigorous pre-qualification / qualification processes. 

Due diligence

bp/TechnipFMC can provide technical due diligence for evaluating the safety, reliability, and efficiency of processes and equipment. This includes an assessment of the current condition of components and systems, and their remaining operating life. 

EPC project

TechnipFMC can provide, if selected by licensee as (bp preferred) EPC contractor, schedule and cost advantages, technical integrity assurance and risk management adapting to any ‘’local’’ requirement providing full service engineering and project management support over the full life cycle of project facilities development from initial process design through detailed engineering and EPC project management, as a single point of responsibility for entire process no-segregation of various project phases and reducing the overall project schedule and assuring the technology integrity.

TechnipFMC brings its project execution experience and open approach in setting up any type of contracting strategy together with more than 20 years of cooperation with bp (state of art experience, partner in technology development, OSBL knowledge etc).