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Advancing Low Carbon accreditation

To encourage every part of bp to pursue low carbon activities, our Advancing Low Carbon (ALC) accreditation programme recognizes some of the efforts that can help bp and the world get to net zero


These represent the diversity of our businesses and investments, and include everything from our advanced fuels and lubricants to lower carbon products, and from our global research initiatives to our work with start-ups in developing innovative new technologies.


We’re proud that so many of our bp Petrochemicals solutions have been accredited. Through our activities, we are helping polyester customers to reduce their emissions, developing and using ways to reduce our own, supporting the development of new renewable feedstocks - or using our products to help reduce emissions in the building industry.

Our accredited activities are:

  • Energy-efficient process for acetic anhydride
  • PTAir™ Low Carbon
  • PTAir™ Neutral
  • SaaBre™ process for acetic acid
  • Tricoya Technologies
  • Virent’s BioForming® process for bio-paraxylene