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Who we are

bp Petrochemicals is a global business, with manufacturing facilities around the world and a production capacity of more than 15 million tonnes
Cooper River plant

bp Petrochemicals manufactures and markets products that are produced using industry- leading proprietary bp technology, then used by others to make essential consumer products such as food packaging, textiles and building materials. We also license our technologies to third parties. We have more than 500 patents for our proprietary technology.


Our product lines

  • Purified terephthalic acid, PTA.
  • Paraxylene, PX , which is a building block of PTA - we benefit from having integrated positions with PTA.
  • We produce acetic acid, anhydride and methanol in our Acetyls business.
  • We also produce Olefins through our Gelsenkirchen refinery operations in Germany.
  • And we produce a number of other speciality chemicals products such as metaxylene, EtAc (ethyl acetate) and VAM (vinyl acetate monomer).