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Our fleet

Three BP Shipping operated vessels lined up at port
Our fleet consists of a range of BP Shipping operated vessels. From state-of-the-art LNG vessels to incredibly handy ‘MR Handysize’ and technically advanced Aframax tankers.


Six new state-of-the-art LNG vessels are currently being built. These vessels will play a key part in BP’s move to gas and a path to a low carbon future. The project will deliver a new generation of modern, technically-advanced LNG carriers meeting all the latest regulations. The new technology on board the vessels places BP Shipping firmly as a technical leader in marine hydrocarbon transportation and on track to meet the requirements of BP Group Engineering 2020.


Our Handysize vessels are fitted with scrubbers which remove sulphur oxides (SOx) and particle matter from exhaust emissions making them fully compliant with North Sea/Baltic legislation while burning heavy fuel oil. Three of our Handysize vessels are also fitted with stern manifolds giving the ability to load/discharge from the rear of the ship - of particular importance in certain Mediterranean distillates trades.


Our Aframax tankers on delivery were among the most technologically advanced tankers in the world and the most fuel efficient for their size and power.


Around 15% of BP’s hydrocarbon cargoes are carried on our BP-operated ships. BP Shipping also charter vessels for specific periods of time and spot charter vessels for single voyages.