Cloud Class Overview

The Cloud class are the smallest product tankers to be delivered under the BP Shipping fleet rejuvenation project.

From concept design in 2013 through to delivery in 2016 and 2017, these vessels are highly versatile and have been specifically designed for key BP trades. They will be utilised to carry clean products and dirty products on BP business.
The Cloud class are a Medium Range ‘MR’ tanker; a size covering 25,000 - 54,999 tonnes deadweight. At 39,999 tonnes deadweight, the vessels, also known as a ‘Handysize’ will predominantly operate in North Europe and the Mediterranean. The vessels are particularly versatile however and have historically also supported key BP ventures in US Gulf of Mexico and South Africa. The tankers will be utilised to carry clean products, dirty products and occasionally crude oil on BP business. Some of their maiden voyages will even load palm oil or vegetable oil in pristine tanks.
The Cloud class are equipped with a variety of options to specialise in key regional markets. 3 vessels will be ice classed, winterised and have heating coils; ready to operate in North European & Baltic Sea ice zones during winter months. 2 of these ice class vessels will also have Exhaust Gas Scrubbers; a first for BP shipping and amongst the first in the industry for vessels of this type/size. 

The Exhaust Gas Scrubbers will remove Sulphur Oxides (SOx) and particle matter from exhaust emissions making them fully compliant with North Sea / Baltic legislation whilst burning Heavy Fuel Oil. Having scrubbers also future-proofs the vessels for the global Sulphur Oxide legislation coming into effect in 2020. 3 of the Cloud class will be fitted with stern manifolds – providing the ability to load/discharge from the rear of the ship; of particular importance in certain Mediterranean distillates trades.
At the time of delivery, the Cloud class will be amongst the most technologically advanced tankers in the world and the most fuel efficient for their size and power. They were designed with BP Shipping’s core principles in mind and have embedded many operating lessons learned from the BP Shipping fleet and industry best practices.
The Cloud class were constructed at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, South Korea, flagged with the Isle of Man (Douglas as port of registry) and classed with Lloyds Register classification society. BP operates these ships with its own crews and provisions.